Byron York re-thinks Obama's Tucson speech

Byron York re-thinks the president’s speech/pep rally in Tucson:

By the time he spoke in Tucson, Obama had let four days pass while some of the angriest voices in the media — his supporters — either blamed Republicans directly for the killings or blamed the GOP for creating the atmosphere in which the violence took place.  During those four days, the president could have cooled the conversation by urging everyone to avoid jumping to conclusions, as he did the day after the November 2009 massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas.  But he didn’t.  Only after Loughner’s insanity had been indisputably established did Obama concede that politics was not to blame for the shooting.

By then, however, the president’s supporters had tied the killings to the issue of political rhetoric.


Some of them continue to do so.  Obama’s real opinion of all this is betrayed in which public official he called early to congratulate for their performance: Sheriff Dupnik.  The crime was solved within minutes of it happening, and Dupnik had little to do with that, leaving only one explanation for the president’s call.  He wanted to hail Dupnik’s disgraceful media performance.  The calls for civility coming from the Democrats are phony.


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