Silly Season comes late.

This has been a bad week for humor, and an utterly dreadful week for satire.

Besides the shootings in Tucson and the partially successful* attempt to turn JL into a “right winger” inspired by the Right’s “hateful and violent rhetoric”, we’ve had revolution in Tunisia, the collapse of the Lebanese government, and the Soviet Russian Duma essentially repudiating the START treaty.


Given that, do you suppose, in the interest of humor at the very least, we could come up with something about which to get all exercised and outraged that is even sillier than a suggestion for mixed seating at the State of the Union address?

(*”Partially successful” because we forget the Legacy Media still reaches a large proportion of the populace who don’t follow the blogs etc.  Thursday night I listened to a barmaid expounding on the “crosshairs” picture.  When I asked if she knew the Democrats used essentially the same picture, even targeting Arizona, in their own campaign literate.  Answer was, of course, No.  Like other blood libels, this one will be around for a long time.)


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