Why We Fight

StrategyPage details the ten most important military developments of 2010, including this charming item:

Islamic terrorists have bet their future on their success in recruiting children to be suicide bombers and Islamic terrorists in general. This has been going on for some years, but as more Moslem adults give up on Islamic terrorism, the need for new recruits has increasingly turned to kids. Palestinian terror groups have developed a unique method of recruiting young suicide bombers; children’s television. The programming directed at children has, for over a decade, increasingly encouraged kids to aspire to be a suicide bomber. The Palestinian method is more effective, as they encourage little girls, as well as boys, to seek eternal salvation as suicide bombers. Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic nations, have tried to eliminate the indoctrination of children to be suicide bombers, or Islamic terrorists in general. These efforts have not been a success. The indoctrination continues, and another generation of eager suicide bombers is on the way.


In unrelated news (cough, cough), PA is attempting to bypass Israel and get the UN to unilaterally recognize Palestine’s independence — within its 1967 borders.


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