David Frum "Mistweets" about Andrew Breitbart says Roger Simon

A literateur like David Frum should know never to put anything on permanent digital media – like Twitter – that can be easily contradicted. It can come back to haunt you. His Friday morning Tweet.@AndrewBreitbart So tired of this junk about cocktail parties. Pls recall Andrew, you sought (and got!) an invitation to one of MY parties.… is, to be kind, so much much horse hockey.


How do I know? The party to which he is referring was for my book BLACKLISTING MYSELF. It was co-hosted by the Frums and by Barbara and Michael Ledeen. Both Michael AND I invited Andrew Breitbart. He didn’t seek an invitation. I sought him. I knew he would be in Washington and I wanted him to come. He was gracious enough to attend. End of story. Except for Frum.

Now that that’s cleared up, allow me to be a little self-serving. Blacklisting is coming out this month in a new paperback edition from Encounter with more material and a new title – TURNING RIGHT AT HOLLYWOOD & VINE: THE PERILS OF COMING OUT CONSERVATIVE IN TINSELTOWN. If you didin’t get it in hardcover, you can now read it for less money with more and updated chapters. Also available on Kindle and iBooks. As my great aunt would say: Such a deal!


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