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Man up, Chris Christie?

Hoo-boy.  NJ Gov. Chris Christie has opened up a can of worms by saying something…kind of obvious, actually.

He described his town hall-style meetings – videos of which have made him a rising star among Republicans nationally – where attendance is not limited to supporters, and he routinely takes questions ranging from fawning to hostile. For presidential candidates, he said, moments like that are probably inevitable.

“You have to look at it and see, what are they like when they’re tested, what are they like when they’re not scripted, what are they like when they’re pushed,” he said. “And I would contend to you that if Governor Palin never does any of those things, she’ll never be president, because people in America won’t countenance that. They just won’t.”


Actually, America did countenance that in 2008, and elected as president  a senator who had spent barely any time in the Senate and whose love affair with the teleprompter has spawned its own twitter feed.  So the question is, would America countenance that again?  I don’t think so.

Or maybe I just hope not.

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