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Together We Thrive?

Charlie Martin found the Tuscon memorial service’s logo and title last night.  Yes, the memorial has a logo and a title — Together We Thrive: Tucson and America.  The WaPo’s 44 blog has posted a timeline of tonight’s memorial service.  It’s odd, to say the least.  It would be interesting to know who planned it, and who designed its logo.


Opening music
A Native American blessing
Welcome by University of Arizona President Robert N. Shelton
The playing of the National Anthem
Remarks by President Shelton
Remarks by a University of Arizona Student
Remarks by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R)
Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
Remarks by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Remarks by President Obama
Moment of silence

As of the writing of that list, there is no prayer or minister involved, as is customary in America’s times of sorrow.  There is a “Native American blessing,” though.  Which tribe or tribes are involved is not disclosed.

It’s not at all clear why the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Attorney General are speaking, unless they are on hand to politicize the memorial.  Both are every bit as divisive figures as anyone in American life; Holder infamously called America a “nation of cowards” and tried moving the trials of major al Qaeda terrorists to the scene of their crimes, and Napolitano has helped politicize national security while doing nothing about TSA’s strip and grope regime at our airports.  Their presence makes little sense when weighed against the facts of the Tucson shooting: Loughner is neither a terrorist nor a political actor nor an interstate criminal.  He is alleged to be a troubled young man who committed heinous crimes.


Going by the list above, it would seem that the Democrats intend to politicize the memorial in a way that leaves the president, through his own remarks, above the fray.  If that is what takes place, it will be a disgrace and the president will be sullied whatever he says.

Update: In the comments, Charlie points out that at least Napolitano is a past AZ governor, which is true.  It’s also true that Holder is leading the lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law, and Napolitano has done nothing to stop that or assist her state as it defends itself against the Obama administration she joined.  Seems to me it would have made more sense to let either of Arizona’s senators, or other congressmen, speak rather than Napolitano.

Update: I’ve been wondering why the mayor of Tucson isn’t on the speaker’s list, since this happened in his city.  Well, his party affiliation might be a clue.

Update: Come to think of it, we haven’t heard much from Tucson mayor Bob Walkup at all.  That speaks well of him, imho.

Update: Hm. According to the University of Arizona…I’m not making this up:


Concession stands will be open during the event.

For an hour-long memorial service?

Update: I am not going to offer any comment on this photo.  Yes, apparently it’s real.  This is the first memorial I’ve ever heard of with not only its own logo, but a sporty T-shirt as well.

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