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“It is the equivalent of putting a Nazi swastika on the side of a Jewish school,” Councilman Paul Koretz said.
Help in securing territory against Turkish invasion would "give us back hope and trust in our Christian sisters and brothers in the U.S."
Justice Department alleges that kickbacks were funneled through Flynn's company to hide Turkish government links to lobbying op.
The sanctions follow a bipartisan letter from the Senate more than a month ago that triggered a mandatory administration probe per the rules of the Global Magnitsky Act.
Gölge's reduction to five years behind bars sends him into another appellate process at a higher court that could take years.
“There are those who want to resolve this Brunson issue while some others want to prolong it until the November elections,” Çavuşoğlu says.
Other U.S. hostages say they feel forgotten.
"This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!"
Brunson still faces 35 years in prison after the Erdoğan regime swept up the longtime Turkey resident, along with several other Americans, in his post-coup purges.
"He has done nothing wrong, and his family needs him!"