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State Dept. "will weigh what additional steps will need to be taken."
Tillerson said Sunday that U.S. "expressed our dismay at what occurred at the Turkish embassy."
All from his posh Mercedes...
One Turk, one Kurd arrested after Erdoğan bodyguards attack protesters.
House chairman demands Sessions take quick action against Erdoğan's bodyguards.
Later, outside D.C. embassy, Turkish president's security detail beat up Kurds.
Italian PM says U.S. role in North Africa "critical."
State Dept. had earlier noted "irregularities on voting day and an uneven playing field" as Islamists claim victory.
What happens in the Netherlands won't stay in the Netherlands.
The pastor was detained in October, accused of belonging to an armed terrorist organization.
Erdoğan may have swept up U.S. citizen, who has lived and ministered there peacefully for 23 years, in his purge.