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rex tillerson

"It should not be hard to say that Vladimir Putin's military has conducted war crimes in Aleppo."
Secretary of State said he and Lavrov are looking for "areas of practical cooperation that will benefit the American people."
Dem senators travel there first to stress "friendship with Mexico is dynamic enough to withstand 140-character broadsides."
She tried to ask the Secretary about the reduced State Dept. budget.
Toner: "They've lost territory. How do we leverage that success? ... What are the next challenges?"
State Dept. might walk from Human Rights Council, but not there yet.
Legislation would require Trump administration to determine whether Kim's regime is a state sponsor of terrorism,
Tillerson: Whether attacks were "carried out by troubled individuals or by terrorists, the victims know no difference."
Graham: Accepting Putin ally Assad would be "biggest mistake" since Obama's red line.
Yet some lawmakers argue Assad is testing the current administration days after U.S. officials said he could stay.
Medium-range test comes two days before Trump meets Chinese counterpart.
"Will you and President Trump organize an international coalition to remove Assad?"