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john kelly

Kelly says priority is to fill in high-traffic gaps, and "maybe there are some places that are too rugged to put a wall."
MALDEF accuses DHS of making "collateral arrests of bystanders... characteristic of totalitarian regimes."
AP: DHS document discusses using 100,000 troops in 11 states to arrest undocumented.
Dem senators travel there first to stress "friendship with Mexico is dynamic enough to withstand 140-character broadsides."
DHS secretary says he "would do almost anything to deter the people from Central America."
Sponsor says Kelly is supportive of separate bill to require all deportation officers to wear body cameras.
Kelly says Border Patrol giving wall location requests: "27 more miles here, 16 more miles here, I don't really care about the other 140 miles."
He says officers have been, "disabled by pointless bureaucracy and political meddling."
Homegrown terror will be "eventually impossible to detect."
With government shutdown looming, White House tries to make a deal with Dems and reticent border-state GOPs for funding.
Temporary status that shields them from deportation because of conditions at home expires in July.