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About 6,500 ISIS fighters estimated to be left in Iraq and Syria, with the flow of foreign recruits "near zero."
Two also wounded in ambush while on routine patrol with Nigerien army in counterterrorism mission.
Zawahiri argues that Western governments viewing jihadists as regional will be U.S. downfall and lead to "rightly guided Caliphate."
"The brother Abu Abdul Barr stationed himself for the invasion... and opened fire continuously."
Despite FBI saying no terror links, new statement claims Paddock conducted attack after "accurate monitoring of crusaders" in venue.
"We urge Iraqi Kurdish authorities to respect the constitutionally mandated role of the central government" in Baghdad, says secretary of State.
In new tape, ISIS leader reminds jihadists "disbelievers" still fear attacks at home as Islamic State territory crumbles.
"There is no need to be angry and issue threats," Kurdish president says to Iraqi government, which demands airports and oil revenue.
The Syrian Democratic Forces said this week they've taken more than 80 percent of Raqqa, and McGurk declared "the end is now in sight."
Kurds voting to establish "a federal, democratic, secular and pluralistic state where the rights of ethnic and religious minorities will be protected and upheld."
"Much like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, right-wing terrorists ... are inspired by scripture."