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ISIS has lost every Raqqa op battle to SDF, which recently liberated a number of Yazidi sex slaves.
NYT says compromised ally warned "it would cut off access to such sensitive information."
Editors balked when the story was picked up by conservative media.
"Some aspect of rough living" should make kids good terrorists, group says.
"You can’t do everything – no one can – so focus on fundamentals": D.C. security expert talks to PJM.
Deal to end battle in Tabqa "prevented a potential humanitarian disaster," says DoD.
Suggested targets include an LGBT rally, a busy London street and Paris political rally.
Terror group suggests killing a "faint-hearted" gun shop owner to "gain access to arsenal."
Abbas assures Trump that he fights terrorism and Palestinians "are raising our youth on a culture of peace."
SDF "dominating" ISIS in offensive to retake Raqqa, "not an area that they're just going to give up very easily."
Killing their own.