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An estimated 2,275 people, an average of six per day, were confirmed drowned or went missing in the Mediterranean in 2018.
Report found "very low risk of transmitting communicable diseases from the refugee and migrant population to the host population in the WHO European Region."
It shows photos of veiled Muslim women being taken into custody and calls for a "new attack in revenge for our sisters."
In quest to "bolster Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity" a "timeline for delivery and fielding of equipment will be determined at a later date."
An American had led the billion-dollar agency since 1951; after controversial tweets by candidate Ken Isaacs, leadership now goes to Portugal.
New laws will target lawyers, advisers, volunteers and legally resident family members; offending NGOs could lose their right to work in the country, while individuals could face up to a year in prison.
Trump tweets that he's "surprised that Harley-Davidson, of all companies, would be the first to wave the White Flag" at beginning of trade war.
"We swear to break your necks and shed your blood everywhere else... the coming will be the most terrible and bitter," ISIS supporters vow with Herman's image.
European Union bringing down the hammer (and sickle) on Poland and Hungary.