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"Enjoy their gathering," French ISIS media group tells jihadists, adding that they have "no choice" but to conduct attacks.
In D.C., Parly warns of "a gift to Iran’s hardliners," but "we should also be extremely serious about the destabilizing ballistic and regional activities.”
Morenés: “Violence -- not acceptable. Legitimate force is necessary all over the world. And the third is, images should reflect the truth.”
Israeli ambassador suggests solving problems through "follow-on agreements with the Europeans" outside of JCPOA.
EU says Trump does not have power to kill JCPOA; Iran vows "fitting and strong response."
Architect of EU exit notes Britain can't start renegotiating trade deal with America "until we’ve left... we can’t actually sign."
Coveney said that UK citizens are coming to terms with the Brexit campaign’s false promises for a “glorious new future for Britain.”
German envoy to U.S.: "We don’t think it will be possible to renegotiate it, and we believe there is no practical peaceful alternative to this deal."
"People do understand we need Europe in this current environment, because we have European values," French president says of landslide victory over Le Pen.
"The rights of parents are under assault from bureaucrats who think they know what’s best for someone else’s child."
Macron wants to cut defense spending.