Could Current Events Lead to the End of the EU as We Know It?

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There have been almost 500 bombings in Sweden since the last election in 2018. The nation also has the highest rate of gun murders in the European Union (EU). Some see it as a symptom of answering the European Union call, led by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to let millions of refugees from Muslim countries flow into member states. In this year’s election, crime emerged as a top priority for voters for the first time.


As a result, Swedish Democrats (SD) garnered 21% of the vote. The SD is considered a far-right party in Sweden with rumored Nazi roots, despite years of party leaders rejecting fringe ideas. Now, as the Spectator notes:

But their agenda now cannot be described as right-wing extremism. And they had one great advantage: for many years they were the only party to criticise Sweden’s immigration policy. It’s not racist, they insisted, to discuss what’s going wrong, and this is a view that was increasingly widely shared.

The success of the SD will likely give Sweden a center-right prime minister from the Moderate Party. While Ulf Kristersson’s party actually lost ground in the election, the success of the SD will boost his coalition to a majority. And while Sweden and Italy could not be more different, Italy has a new conservative prime minister. As PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported:

The reason for the rise of (Giorgia) Meloni in Italy and the right generally in Europe is simply the failure of the left to govern as citizens wish. Politics usually isn’t rocket science. The cultural revolution is going over like a lead balloon.

All of this is happening with increasing instability across the EU. Farmers have informed citizens that it will be difficult to find vegetables this winter. At the same time, the continent is headed for an obvious energy crisis. Yet the EU can’t see that the potential for food insecurity directly results from stupid climate policies, led once again by Germany. Going green at home led to a significant shortfall when EU governments could no longer fill their reserves with Russian fossil fuels.


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Instead of recognizing the flaws in its strategy, the EU is doubling down. The Nitrates Directive remains in force, prompting some nations to limit the use of fertilizer or force the closure of livestock farms. The rising energy costs make storage and year-round production of vegetables nearly impossible for farmers. As Germans pile up firewood and French President Emmanuel Macron tells the French the age of abundance is over, the prospect of a cold and hungry winter looms.

The EU has also decided that sovereign nations full of sovereign citizens are not allowed to select leaders based on policy preferences. Right now, Sweden is drowning in crimes committed by migrants they cannot assimilate. Italy is in the midst of a culture war and struggling with a similar crisis in migration. Meloni wants to push for more autonomy in Europe. She has called for a blockade of the Mediterranean to stop illegal immigration and wants to defend a traditional family structure.

She sounds dangerously close to the international Left’s boogeyman, Hungary’s Viktor Orban. Hungary’s border is secure, and it does not permit illegal migration. Orban promotes Christianity and directs his government to implement family-friendly policies. The EU is already lording over the nation after it reelected Orban by a large margin.

Based on the concerns of “civil society organizations,” which is code for George Soros, who is not allowed in the country, the EU is threatening to withhold pandemic relief funds from the nation. It is pushing a similar burden on Poland. Both nations assert that they have met the EU’s demands regarding judicial reforms.


Now, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is hinting that Italy could face a similar fate if they vote the wrong way. In a speech at Princeton, after telling the audience Poland will not receive funds from the EU because it has not honored the “contract” on judicial reforms, she said, “If things go in a difficult direction [in Italy] – and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland – we have tools.” In other words, if Italians democratically elect politicians the Eurocrats don’t like, the unelected officials in Brussels will punish them.

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It would seem that what was supposed to be an economic union has evolved into an international governing body. The UK left, taking its sovereignty back. How long until Poland, Hungary, and possibly Italy look at the feasibility of an exit? There were concerns Poland was on the verge in 2021. Hungary has little incentive to stay. Just how long are culturally different nations supposed to put up with having the preferences of Germany and France shoved down their throats?

After hearing von der Leyen’s comments, former foreign minister and current Polish member of the European Parliament Witold Waszczykowski said, “If another state is stigmatised and [targeted] with instruments beyond European law, it may come to the conclusion that it will be more comfortable outside the EU.” Then he added, “The UK, apart from a temporary period of problems, has suffered no harm. It shows that there is life outside the EU.”


Indeed there is. If the elites in the globalist Left can’t contain their authoritarian impulses, it will be democracy inside sovereign nations that will end their decades-long project of “harmonization and standardization.”


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