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Officials "have a very high degree of confidence" that they've identified all recipients of the anthrax.
In Davos, boasts of everything from averting world war with Iran to "risky decision" to stop Ebola.
"In a profoundly interconnected world, there is no such thing as a local outbreak," warns WHO chief.
Senator advises NIAID to step up efforts as "imminent threat" of the virus to the U.S. "is deeply troubling."
Genetically modified mosquitoes infected with bacteria to prevent transmission in NIH game plan.
Lieberman concerned $1.8 billion Zika funding won’t be used in "cost effective way."
Administration wants nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to fight Zika virus.
Clinton attended funeral of first lady who had "courage and grit," "grace and strength."
Why we need to rethink our understanding of addiction, and how to fight it.
And the administration is not happy about it.
"Most of what we're learning" through research "is not reassuring."
"This Zika situation is saying no to science," she says of House actions on Obama funding request.