Joe Biden Wants to Know Where His Legos Are and If WWIII Will Help Him Win Michigan

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This whole Joe Biden experiment really isn't going well, is it? 

Pondering everything that has been screwed up by this guy and the puppeteers who run his brain is a daunting, and sometimes seemingly impossible, task. The national security crisis at our border with Mexico can easily preoccupy most of one's fretting. Casting one's eye around the rest of the world to see what's happening can really make you want to hit the moonshine. 


The current situation with the deteriorating relationship between the United States and Israel has been horrifying and disheartening. The American Left's raging anti-Semitism has been on almost proud display. The frothing hordes screaming, "Death to Israel!" and "Free Palestine!" are under the impression that they occupy some sort of moral high ground. 

In reality, they're amoral and ignorant. 

The anti-Semitic societal rot that we see on college campuses has infected almost every Democrat not named John Fetterman. It has become a major concern for the Biden-Harris campaign. They're terrified that the Free Palestine crowd — most likely Dem voters — will simply opt for "None of the Above" in 2024. That becomes a particular problem when it comes to Michigan, which has a significant Muslim population. 

Michigan also has 15 electoral votes and is, once again, an important swing state. Trump won the state by 0.23% in 2016, but Biden got it back in the "D" column in 2020. The current fear facing Team Biden is that Trump might walk away with the state if the disgruntled, decidedly anti-Israel Muslim voters decide to sit this one out. 

The more panicky the Biden campaign got about his prospects in Michigan, the more tepid the Biden administration's support of Israel grew. The administration has been trying to find a way to avoid being known as the people who threw a longtime ally under the bus, yet still pull away from Israel enough to salvage the Michigan prospects.


Thus, Tehran was emboldened. 

The question now is whether the attack on Israel is going to help or hurt Biden with the voters here at home. An article in the Wall Street Journal on Monday gathered several opinions on this subject and they were all over the place. Here's one example: 

Dan Gerstein, a Democratic strategist and former aide to Joe Lieberman when he was a senator from Connecticut, said Iran’s actions could buy Biden and Israel more time.

“Iran did what no other political actor could do—changing the narrative around Israel from bully to victim and rallying the sensible international center to Israel’s side,” he said. “In doing so, they gave Biden a temporary gift and some breathing space to find a longer-term solution to the Gaza war.” 

That's a great story if you believe that those in the international community who needed to be brought back to Israel's side are "sensible." Or that Israel is a "bully" for defending itself after the savagery of October 7. 2023. 

Contrary to what Democrats would like to think, Israel does have a "longer-term solution" to the war, and It probably isn't even that long-term. All of the Biden administration's machinations aren't going to work out well for them. Biden is weak, as are the people around him. They aren't strong enough to unequivocally stand with Israel in its time of need, which led to Iran's attack. 


Biden's muddled halfway approach to everything continues to create danger. 

Permanent confusion and trips to the ice cream shop while missiles and bullets are flying everywhere aren't going to win him any votes. If things keep up at this rate, moderate Dems are going to start donating to Trump's legal defense fund. 

World War III may not officially be here yet, but it's packing it's bags for an extended trip while Biden remains in office.

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