COVID Is on the Ballot Next Week and Running as a Democrat

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The first post-COVID election in the United States is upon us and Republicans and Democrats are flying through this final week in decidedly different moods.

Republicans are eagerly anticipating riding a red wave that they hope carries them to majorities in the House and Senate, and then to the White House in 2024.


The Democrats, on the other hand, are all weighed down by a Joe Biden-shaped millstone and the sudden, harsh realization that substituting pathological prevarication for policy is no longer a winning strategy for them.

The conventional wisdom is that a toxic combination of inflation and crime will do the Democrats in. The amount of effort being spent by Dem politicians and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media to assure the voting riffraff that neither inflation nor crime is a real problem lends credence to this.

There are other issues wrought by the sham Biden presidency and the moron collective in the majority on Capitol Hill that are hurting the Dems this year, but it’s the unsettling combo of feeling unsafe when we leave our houses and spending too much money on groceries that’s kneecapping them.

We should remember, however, that there is one gargantuan issue that got us to all of these big issues that are ruining our lives: COVID. Had the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu not broken free and done its damage, Joe Biden would still be in his Delaware basement playing with his Legos and eating Cheerios out of a little baggie.

Never was the Democrats’ motto “Never let a crisis go to waste,” seized upon more quickly than at the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. I will say this once again with all sincerity: they didn’t give a damn about anyone’s health, they just saw an opportunity to use it against Donald Trump whether there was any validity to it or not.


Because they are very good at doing things that are bad for America, the Democrats found myriad sinister ways to use the COVID panic to their advantage. The worst of them was, of course, using COVID panic as an excuse to change election laws on the fly at the last minute to throw the 2020 presidential election into complete disarray. Anyone who actually thinks that — as the Dems LOVE to say — the 2020 election was one of the cleanest in American history is an idiot.

It’s true that many Republican elected officials went along with a lot of the nonsense between March 2020 and the election. As I have written many times, people can be forgiven for a lot of what went on in the early days of COVID. Nobody knew what was going on then. By the end of the summer, however, the good citizens of the United States were beginning to weed out the shady antics.

Those of us who have been involved in American politics for a long time are never surprised when a Republican politician wanders straight into a trap set by the Democrats. They still do it because most of them haven’t admitted to themselves just how low their “esteemed colleagues” across the aisle will go to gain an advantage.

What the Democrats did in the name of COVID after “winning” the election is why they really deserve to be tossed out on their commie behinds.


They weren’t even pretending that the continuation of lockdowns, mask mandates, and eventually the draconian vaccine rules were about public health. Sure, they’d pay lip service to it but it was obvious to all with eyes to see (conservatives) that it was a diabolical power grab.

The easiest way to figure that out was just looking at the number of Democratic politicians who were caught violating their oh-so-important “public health” rules. It was always the governors and mayors who were instituted the strictest policies who were caught giving the finger to their constituents–like Gavn Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Satan (I think that’s the D.C. mayor’s name) and the like.

The most egregious offense committed by the Democrats under the guise of COVID safety was keeping schools shut far past when it was safe to open them. They did so because that’s what the teachers’ unions wanted and Democrats are their well-trained lapdogs. I know that there are a lot of good teachers in America. Unfortunately, none of them are teachers’ union officials, all of whom are lazy cancers who are killing public education from within.

Relevant: COVID-19 Has Exposed Teachers’ Unions as the Shakedown Artists They Really Are

The damage done to American school kids is still being assessed and thus far it has been truly disturbing. They aren’t letting up, either. As Stacey wrote a couple of weeks ago, our federal overlords are still trying to force vaccines on children, despite the fact that the vaccines haven’t performed as advertised and that kids aren’t, and never have been COVID superspreaders.


When you head to the polls next week after having paid eight bucks for the last loaf of Wonder Bread on the grocery store shelf, build up some rage. Remember, however, that it was COVID that put President LOLEightyone million in a position to accelerate the Soviet Socialist Democrats’ plans to destroy the Republic, then vote with some righteous fury.

Now let’s see if we can find a wave to catch.

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