'Unwoke' With Kevin and Kruiser #51: Everything's Coming Up Tulsi

(Reminder: Every episode is now in the Unwoke section of our new podcast page. I’ll still be doing teaser blurb posts in Columns as reminders that new episodes are up.)

On last week’s podcast, Kevin and I wondered what Tulsi Gabbard might do with her newfound independent status. We both agreed that she was in a good position to start flexing some muscle as a political king or queen maker.


It didn’t take her long to do just that, which is a good indicator that you should probably always listen to us.

We spend a lot of time looking ahead to the midterms and talking about the Republicans who are really impressing us now. As always, we finish up with our usual segments: D*****bag of the Week Not Named Joe Biden and The Thing That Didn’t Suck.

Remember, we’re professional bringers of joy.

Have fun!


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