'Unwoke' Free-for-All #13: We WILL Get Out Your Vote

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(Reminder: Every episode is now in the Unwoke All-Access section of our new podcast page. I’ll still be doing teaser blurb posts in Columns as reminders that new episodes are up.)


The election that’s always seemed years away is now just a little over a month off, and we’re getting kind of excited here at Unwoke.


Maybe it’s just the day drinking (Kevin has another inspired cocktail for this episode), but Kevin and I are both feeling optimistic. That’s not so different for him. People who know me, however, think that I may have been body snatched by an alien.

We’re encouraging people who may still be despairing to turn their frowns upside down and get out and vote.

I also called some people “wusses,” which is a word I think we need to start using again.


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