Swalwell: GOP Will End Elections If They Take Back Majority

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There are times when I truly believe that the Democrats’ post-Trump level of hysteria is unsustainable and all of their heads might explode en masse. Please note that I didn’t say I wished for that.


Even I’m not that dark.

In fact, they seem to be able to effortlessly find new levels of shrieking hysteria without getting so much as an ulcer. As we approach Jan. 6 — the new holiest day of the year on the Dem calendar — they’re plumbing new depths of absurd demagoguery.

A prime example of this comes from former ChiCom spy boy toy Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.):

It’s a given that almost every point that the Democrats attempt to make about Republicans is merely so much projection, and Swalwell’s drama queen turn here is no exception. That’s a discussion unto itself, however.

One other thing that is a given is that Swalwell actually speaks in clickbait. The man has zero intellectual heft and knows that he will fade into oblivion unless he verbally barfs up some brain-dead outrageousness that will make MSNBC or CNN love him for another hour or two.


In this case, the subject matter is particularly irksome, though. Democrats are forever misrepresenting Republican positions and goals. When it comes to matters of race and election integrity, however, they’re pathological liars.

Any effort by Republicans to make elections secure or transparent is deemed by Democrats to be “restrictive.” Naturally, their flying monkeys in the mainstream media dutifully keep that false narrative afloat.

The Democrats’ current push is to federalize elections and permanently put in place all of the “emergency” election measures that created all of the anomalies in 2020, just like California has done with universal mail-in voting. Yeah, there will still be elections if they prevail, but between the mail-in voting, early voting, last-minute registration, and the rest of their wishlist, they won’t mean anything. You may as well write your choices on toilet paper and flush them.

Nothing that the GOP is proposing regarding election integrity would end elections and Swalwell knows that. Unfortunately, the idiotic coastal media bigoted libs who make up MSNBC’s audience don’t know it. That’s because none of them ever get within ten miles of a conversation with anyone who disagrees with them politically.


The Democrats know that their prospects for the midterm elections are, put mildly, bleak. Their desperation has only just begun to manifest itself as straitjacket-worthy. By midsummer, you can expect that they’ll be describing all Republicans as multi-headed, fire-breathing dragons who hate puppies and put ketchup on eggs.

I’m calling it now though: Eric Swalwell will be the first to say it.


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