All I Want for Christmas Is More Supply Chain Problems

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Rumor has it that 2021 is about to come to an end. Like so many years when one gets older, it occasionally seems to have flown by. The weird thing about this particular year, however, is that the puppet presidency of Joe Biden has been so full of awful that at other times it feels as if 2021 began sometime in 1954.

In a recent Slack conversation among my coworkers, our esteemed editor Paula mentioned the CPAC we were at “a couple of years ago.” I pointed out that she was referencing CPAC 2020, which was just last year.

Or a thousand years ago, thanks to the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu/Biden mess.

It has become a habit of mine during Uncle Joe’s Nightmare to try and find silver linings to the neverending supply of dark clouds the Democrats provide. One rather humorous one has emerged this holiday season: Biden and Mayor Pete’s supply chain mess may force some people to reconsider crass consumerism this Christmas season.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of consumerism in almost all cases. I do, however, find Memorial Day sales and the retail “holiday” (NONE DARE SAY CHRISTMAS) orgy that now begins before Halloween disgusting.

I’ve been a practicing Roman Catholic all my life and I still prefer to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday rather than an Amazon or Walmart holiday. I despise secular Christmas music. In fact, I’ll be publishing a list of my least favorites before Christmas Eve. The 14,000 or so television commercials that run during every football game at this time of year showing someone getting a new car for Christmas make me consider putting all I’ve learned about how not to get caught by watching Forensic Files to practical use.

See? Even the devout boy needs Jesus.

It is not lost on me that the worst Catholic to ever hold high office in the United States is the one who unwittingly may make just a few folks appreciate the season for what it is. Okay, Biden is the worst Catholic not named Nancy Pelosi to hold high office.

It’s easy for me to enjoy all of this because I don’t have a young child at home pleading to find a transgender Black Lives Matter Muppet under the tree on Christmas morning. My child is a young adult, and kids they reach a certain age all they want is money. Admittedly, there have been supply chain problems when shopping for that in the past.

Honestly, though, if even a handful of Americans take some time away from Amazon this year and realize that retail isn’t the reason for the season it will be the most Joe Biden ever accomplishes in his pathetic presidency.

And if elected, I promise that no child will ever have to suffer through “Winter Wonderland” again.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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