Hallelujah—Conservatives Finally Discover School Board Elections

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It is no secret that the wild success that Republicans had in blue-ish Virginia on Tuesday night had to do in large part to the focus on parents pushing back against school boards in districts that are trying to force Critical Race Theory onto our children. While the GOP takeover at the state level was fun to watch, what grabbed my attention even more were the stories about concerned conservative parents running for school board seats…and winning.


I — along with many other conservative writers and activists — have long been preaching the need for people on our side to get involved with politics at the school board level. Many have now seen clearly just what happens when they don’t and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

My favorite school board story on Tuesday was this one from thoroughly blue Braintree, Massachusetts:

A teacher who resigned after a photo emerged of him at the January 6 riot at the Capitol has won a seat on a school committee in Massachusetts.

Matthew Lynch, 35, won one of three seats on the Braintree school board committee after getting 2,319 votes, according to unofficial results.

Lynch taught at Braintree High School for more than 10 years before leaving in February after images of him standing in front of the Capitol building on January 6 were posted on social media.

Revenge isn’t always a dish best served cold. Sometimes lukewarm will do just fine.

Mask mandates seem to have been the central issue in this conservative takeover of a school board in a Des Moines, IA suburb:

The Ankeny School Board will see significant turnover after a trio of conservative candidates won across the ballot in Tuesday’s election, according to preliminary results from the Polk County Auditor’s Office.

With all precincts reporting Joy Burk, Trent Murphy and Sarah Barthole are leading the field of seven candidates in unofficial results.

The three candidates received the highest percentage of votes, beating out the four additional candidates including Shelly Northway, Christian Mathew Holtz, Lori Bullock and incumbent Lori Lovstad.

Ankeny is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the country with about 68,000 people north of Des Moines. It proved itself to be the epicenter of the school mask debate, with parents on both sides organizing and attending school board meetings in large numbers.


“Keep your COVID fetish off of our children’s bodies” is apparently a winning sentiment.

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This little biased nugget from always-awful NBC News is what you’re going to see more of if conservatives keep doing this:

In Southlake, Texas, where parents have been feuding for more than a year over a school district’s proposal to address racism, candidates supported by a conservative political action committee won majority control of the school board Tuesday, clearing the way for the board to officially kill the polarizing diversity plan.

A special election to replace a board member of the Carroll Independent School District who resigned this summer definitively shifted the balance of power to opponents of the proposed Cultural Competence Action Plan. Voters in the affluent suburb northwest of Dallas delivered a landslide victory Tuesday to Andrew Yeager, who campaigned against the district’s plan for new diversity training programs and changes to the curriculum.

The people who are unwilling to perpetuate the “systemic racism” lie are portrayed as being against diversity. It’s a wordier race card is all. This is the electoral hill that the Dems will probably choose to die on, however, and I’m going to relish watching them croak.

The NBC article continues the false narrative about CRT not really being taught in schools. This is just an update of the false narrative they perpetuated during the Obamacare debate about “death panels.” The story went that “death panels” were never mentioned; therefore they didn’t exist.


This updated semantics narrative relies on the fact that school districts that are teaching critical race theory aren’t calling it that. They’re teaching A LOT of the basics of CRT, but attempting to sneak them in.

They’re just mad they got caught.

It’s important for more conservatives to get involved at the school board level not only because it pushes back on leftist indoctrination curricula, but because it keeps Democrats off of the boards. Dems have long used school boards as a sort of farm system for their politicians with national ambitions. I will provide an example from my hometown.

When I was in high school, Raúl Grijalva was a member of the Tucson Unified School District board. He then went onto the Pima County Board of Supervisors, which served as his final stepping stone before running for Congress. He is now the elder statesman of Arizona’s congressional delegation, a longtime member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and, much to my chagrin, my representative.


Grijalva’s daughter Adelita is currently the president of the TUSD board AND — this is something even her daddy couldn’t pull off — currently serving on the Pima County Board of Supervisors at the same time.

Does anyone want to bet me on who’s going to get Papa Gordo’s seat in Congress when he retires?

I was doing a speaking tour in Virginia in 2012 and we stopped by an office that looked a lot like a campaign headquarters but I knew that they weren’t there for just one candidate. I asked one of the volunteers what they were working on. He said they were trying to get Republicans elected to various municipal offices and school boards and I replied, “You’re doing the God’s work of politics.”


Let’s keep on busting up the farm system.


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