'SNL' Alum Jim Breuer Cancels Gigs With Proof-of-Vaccine Requirements

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Slowly but surely, a little sanity and — dare I say it — normalcy is creeping back into our lives. Much of America isn’t in the mood to play “New East Berlin” and show our papers, including comedian Jim Breuer:


NBC News:

Comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer said in a Facebook Live over the weekend that he will not be performing at venues that require proof of Covid vaccination for guests.

“Two quick updates on shows that you may think you may be getting tickets to or you already have tickets to: The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey — not doing it,” Breuer said in the 22 minute Facebook live.

“Also the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan, due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccinations … I am also not doing those shows,” said Breuer, 54.

“I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved to the system or money,” the comedian added.

Jim Breuer may not be the first ex-SNL cast member who comes to your mind but he does still have a lot of fans. Trust me, any stand-up who has been an SNL regular still makes money if he wants to hit the road. He is taking a financial hit here.

I have no idea what Breuer’s politics are, or if he’s even political at all. He opened for me a couple of times in the early ’90s and I just remember that he was a fun, goofy guy.


Fun isn’t allowed in Joe Biden’s COVID Panic-Porn America, or at least they’re trying to make that true. This is from the website of one of the venues Breuer canceled:

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and in response to the increasing threat of the Delta variant, the Wellmont Theater has put in place the following protocols to provide a safe environment for employees, artists, and fans alike.

  • Concertgoers will be required to be vaccinated (both doses of Pfizer or Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson with a (14) day inoculation period).NJ Docket App, NY Excelsior App, or an original, digital, or photocopy of CDC vaccine cards (both sides) constitute proof of vaccine.
  • Concertgoers not currently vaccinated will be required to, at their own cost, submit a negative PCR test upon entry to the Theater. The PCR test is required to be administered within seventy-two (72) hours of the event date (unless otherwise specified by performer). This applies to concertgoers 12 years of age and under or those with a health condition.Physical or electronic test result from a PCR COVID-19 test indicating a negative result within the past 72 hours (or sooner as required by the artist) is required.Antigen (rapid) tests will NOT be accepted as proof of negative PCR test.

My elementary school nuns presided over a more lighthearted, festive environment.

If you are looking for someone a little more high profile who’s tired of all of this, rock guitar legend Eric Clapton has written a song about how over it he is.

Both of the venues Breuer mentioned are in states that are run by tyrannical Dem governors, of course. Leave the blue states to the commie entertainers. I’m ready to hit the road in the remaining free states.

Once you get away from the deep blue areas, the resistance is on. I wrote in my Morning Briefing the other day about my recent experience getting back to see college football in person for the first time since 2019. There were mask rules in place for the “indoor” areas like the concession stands and restrooms. Nobody was playing that game anymore. Nobody was enforcing the rules either.

It was glorious.

Keep it up, America. Having fun is the best revenge.


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