Politico: Mean Republicans Are Making Kamala Harris Finally Get to the Border and Do Her Job

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Kamala Harris Is Shamed Into Keeping Up Appearances

Most people inside the Coastal Media Bubbles (New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.) are still mystified by the fact that at least half of the country loathes them. I mean a deep, unshakable loathing too.


It’s not as if the reasons for the discontent are unknown. The mainstream media’s repeated affronts are well-chronicled here in conservative media. The bubble denizens simply choose to ignore them. The bigger we grow, the more they do so at their own peril.

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with at least pretending that the Biden administration was concerned with the humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border. She really just needed to do the bare minimum and the MSM would have swooned.

It turns out that the bare minimum was too much for her.

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Harris’s continued refusal to visit the border she is supposed to be dealing with became problematic for people on both sides of the aisle. Here in Arizona, our governor grew weary of the euphemisms, spin, and laziness coming from the administration and declared an emergency because it wouldn’t.

Back to the MSM. It was announced on Wednesday that Team Biden had finally figured out how to use Google Maps and that Harris would be heading to the Mexican border. The hot take that Politico offered was perfectly indicative of the problem with the MSM:


Real reporting would have mentioned that it has been three months since she was put in charge of the problem and she hasn’t bothered to take the logical first step in dealing with it. It’s like a plumber showing up to fix a leak and deciding that he wants to spend a couple of days making sure the tiles on your roof are sound before he gets around to a firsthand inspection of the pipe under the sink that’s the actual problem.

This is the modern political media era, however, and the hacks in the MSM simply can’t present the facts about a Democrat without trying to make it seem as if it’s the Republicans who are the real problem here.

There is a humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border that can’t be denied. When President Trump was in office, the Democrats were perpetually heading for the fainting couches over THE CHILDREN at the border. That situation has gotten worse under Biden and they’re all whipping their heads in the other direction and saying, “What’s a Mexico?”

The Politico spin here is a variation on the “Republicans pounce!” theme. The heavy implication is that Harris had it under control but she’s got to do this annoying thing because Republicans are big meanies.


Those on the other side will no doubt claim that this is a little thing. These little things get repeated in one form or another thousands of times a week in the MSM though, which makes them big things.

The Biden administration’s Mexican border policy has been an unmitigated disaster. Because she is who she is, Kamala Harris has taken a bad situation and made it worse. That’s sort of her vibe. Politico could have attempted some journalism and written just about that without ever mentioning the Republicans. I’m not saying that the Republican criticism had no place in the story, I’m saying that they shouldn’t have led with it.

Hacks gotta hack though, and Politico is filled with them.


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