Portland's Black Leaders Ask Woke White Folk to Stop Ruining Things

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The Left in Portland Is Having a Family Feud

Well, this is uncomfortable.

Portland, OR has been bearing the brunt of more “peaceful protests” than any other city since last summer. Leftist anarchy reigns there, and there is no end in sight.


It has been noted by many that a lot of the riot types in Portland are “down with the struggle” white people. That seems a little racist at first blush. Probably because seeing a bunch of white people speak and act for black people is.

It would appear that some of the radical left black hierarchy in the City of Roses are no longer amused by the antics of their woke white brethren:


We Out Here, a site that covers hip-hop culture and politics in Portland has published an open letter to the “Portland Protest Community.” While those who attached their names to the letter don’t say “white people,” the implication is clear.


As an array of Black writers, speakers, artists, activists, teachers, parents and professionals, we already struggle to survive in a state that makes every effort to reshuffle and erase us. We need our allies in this fight to understand and honor this fact. Understand that doing damage to us, our communities, and our resources undoes the work we do.

Black people are not a monolith, and having a complicit Black person in your planning space does not indicate support from the Black community. For decades, efforts towards Black Liberation have suffered at the hands of both well-meaning allies and predatory opportunists, and over the last year we have watched as people have profited from and damaged our movement without our consent or approval.


The line about “having a complicit Black person in your planning space” is pretty damning. It also raises the question of how white activists have been getting away with using just a few black people for cover has worked for so long.

I haven’t met a lot of professional leftist political organizers, but I have met more than the average person has. Every one of them has been lily white. I mean SPF 100 white. The over forty people who signed onto this letter are pretty much admitting what we on this side of the political aisle have been saying for years: white liberals just see minorities as pawns to be used for their own purposes.

Portland has been a renewable powder keg since last May. It will be interesting if this will have any impact on reducing the constant turmoil there.

Or if the woke white libs will merely continue doing what they’ve always done.


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