Prince Philip Totally Seemed Like a Fun Guy to Party With

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Prince Philip Probably Did Keg Stands

Admittedly, I am not much of a huge fan of the British royals. I don’t watch The Crown, and I just wish that Harry and Meghan would go away. I do, however, spend a lot of time on social media for work so I’m aware of the various goings-on surrounding the family.


It’s not even that I’m one of those “we fought a war to get rid of them” Americans or that I dislike England. My sister lived in the Cotswolds for a couple of years and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting her there. I was rather surprised by how attracted I was to the female British accent. Sure, I’d heard them before, but there was something otherworldly about being surrounded by them. I was recently divorced and felt as if I’d been transported to a place specializing in auditory comfort therapy.

I will also admit to a certain amount of respect for Queen Elizabeth because of her adamant refusal to abdicate or die, leaving her awful son Charles in a state of perpetual succession limbo. Also because I think she may have superpowers that will let her live forever and I don’t want her to kill me.

The rest of the milquetoast bunch is easy to ignore.

Prince Philip always seemed like the kind of royal who spent his privileged days dreaming of being a regular guy who could go to the pub and get drunk watching sports with his mates. You know, just be “Phil” rather than Philip and enjoy a pint or ten.

I was reminded that he was one of the cooler royals when the worst of the American mainstream media hacks began getting in digs wherever they could.

For example:


The Times is the same news organization that couldn’t find much disparaging to say about the murderous dictator Fidel Castro in the days following his death.

The diapered emotional weakling idiot squad at CNN got into the act as well, which our colleagues over at Twitchy covered:

Wait, a guy born early in the 20th century used to say things that now offend the hordes of the perpetually aggrieved? SUCH JOURNALISM.

The wokescolds were trying to posthumously cancel him and it did not go well. Check out the whole Twitchy post for some of the excellent replies. By the way, CNN, Philip’s legacy will be just fine.

Gerard Baker wrote something in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend about Prince Philip that made a few interesting points. It’s behind a paywall so I’ll share a couple of excerpts here:

How does England’s monarch spend Independence Day? I had the privilege some years ago to be invited to a July 4 dinner at the American ambassador’s residence in London. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were the guests of honor, there presumably to bear witness that, after a couple of centuries, the unfortunate business over the repeated injuries and usurpations inflicted by one of her ancestors had been quietly forgotten.

The ambassador rose to give the not-so-loyal toast.

He began with the inevitable nod to the two nations’ divergent histories, noting that some time earlier, in their great wisdom, his compatriots had decided to go it alone.

“Oh yes!” cried the prince from a sedentary position, fortified, no doubt, by a couple of glasses of the embassy’s very good wine. “And how’s that working out for you?”

It was a good question then, and it’s more apt than ever now given America’s current predicament. The people that once boldly threw off the tyranny of a distant monarch now seem to be meekly submitting to the diktats of a regnant class and ideology that tolerate less independence of thought and action than King George III did.


Ouch to that last sentiment, but he is correct. Half of this country is willing to be ruled as if they were 16th century peasants, almost gleefully acquiescing to the whims of petty tyrants who don’t have one-tenth the power that the progressives are giving them.

These lefties may still party on the Fourth of July every year but they sure as heck aren’t celebrating independence.

There was a lot to like in Baker’s article but here was my favorite observation of his:

As the prince did at that dinner, he had an unerring capacity to ask awkward questions, speak inconvenient truths and challenge polite orthodoxies.

When we are obligated to toe an increasingly stultifying conventional line, the queen’s consort was the human antidote to the virus of verbal oppression that has us in a death grip. You’d search a very long time to find a less woke individual than the duke of Edinburgh.

A “death grip,” indeed. Wokeness in the United States is a full-frontal assault on the First Amendment. The end game of the woke crowd is to kill free speech altogether, allowing only pre-approved leftist narrative words to be uttered.

Three cheers to Prince Philip for being able to annoy our worthless woke morons, first from beyond an ocean and now from beyond the grave.

I don’t care how rich he was, I would have bought him a drink in a heartbeat.

Rest in peace, Phil.



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