Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: Escape From COVID Hair and I Answer a Question

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Not gonna lie, my friends, these first seven months of the Biden presidency have worn me out.

I think that now more than ever it’s important to identify what we can and cannot control and make sure all of the attention goes to the former. The demented clown-car in Washington is — and always has been — completely out of my hands.

So I’ve been casting my gaze closer to home to see what I could do here.

The first thing I decided to do was rein in the adult beverage budget for the month. As I mentioned in the previous (Almost) Daily Distraction, I fear for my life if I let our New World Order Dem overlords drive me to drink. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to drink. In fact, I’m enjoying the heck out of a dirty martini as I write this. But I’ve given myself a strict budget that is far, far less than what I was spending in the post-election months. I stocked up today. I can make it last as long as I want but when it’s gone, I’m done for the month.

Check with me on Monday to see if I have any left.

I also decided to dabble in some personal grooming. Sure, I’ve been doing the bare minimum, but I’ve been very estranged from my barber. After a few months, I was giving off a Nick Nolte mug shot vibe. Nolte himself eventually embraced that look and stuck with it.


I may have done so for a long time too. The problem was that after my hair grew out more I began to look like I was auditioning for a role as pervy professor in a Lifetime movie. I took a good look at myself in the mirror at the beginning of the week and realized that I was ready to call the cops and have them do a wellness check on me.

So I got a haircut. My hair had gotten so long that when I told the guy how much I wanted off he double and triple checked with me.

I’m a changed man. Even better, the Dodgers World Series cap that is “one size fits most” kinda/sorta fits me now. This should come as no surprise to any of you: I have an enormous head.

Onto this week’s AMA question and answer.

Excellent question, and one that I have been thinking about constantly since the election.

I do think the conditions are ripe for what I’ve been referring to other activists as “Tea Party 3.0” and I am not ruling out personally going that route. However, I would caution against hoping that we could catch lightning in a bottle like that twice.

There are many who would say, “Who cares? What did the Tea Party movement ever accomplish?”

They’re idiots.

What I have been giving even more thought to is working locally. Again, Washington isn’t easy to change. I’ve long advocated for conservatives and Republicans to think locally when considering what they might do to get involved. While I think I’ve earned a break from all of that it doesn’t mean I’m going to take one. I think it’s important here in Arizona to make sure that Mark Kelly only serves out John McCain’s term and then is gone in two years. I’ve put out some feelers and I’ve also been looking into getting involved with my county Republican party.

Thank you, Justina, for the question.

Remember, everyone, you can ask me ANYTHING. It doesn’t have to be about politics, although I’m always happy to answer those questions too. I’ll get to them at the end of every week when they’re asked.

Back to my dirty martini. The olives stuffed with garlic are where the magic happens.

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