Gimme a Break: 80 Million Biden Voters Can't Be...Real

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The Biden Tsunami of Unbelievability

OK, things are getting a little weird now.

One of my long held beliefs is that one should never cede even an inch to a liberal because said liberal will then try to take not just one, but all the miles. They come out of the womb overreaching.

I have found myself in a weird place since the election. Long before November 3rd rolled around I was writing and saying that the mail-in voter fraud fix was in and would be nigh on impossible to overcome. Since election day, I’ve been a fan of rooting out all of the irregularities and finding ways to fix them. I have not, however, thought that there was going to be a way for President Trump to overcome the Biden totals.

That’s largely because I have been around politics for a long time and I know how adept the Democrats are at gaming every part of the system. These are, after all, the people who’ve spent forever branding themselves as the party of the working class common folk all the while being in bed with wealthy corporate interests and academia. That’s a pretty nifty trick.

I’ve been straddling the desire to expose as many flaws in the system and/or the people running it and a belief that — for this election anyway — it still wasn’t going to go my way. A lot of my friends, colleagues, and readers have been exhorting me to be more positive but that’s not really my role here, is it?

Bear in mind as I ramble here that I am saying all of this not as a journalist. I’m a decidedly partisan, bomb-throwing opinion writer who’s merely tossing some ideas out for public consumption.

One of the things I was repeating in the few days immediately after the election was that I was having a difficult time believing that Biden over-performed virtually everywhere that he needed to while the rest of the Democratic party was severely under-performing, especially in House races. As I said often, none of it passed the smell test for me.

I’m not going to get into specific reports of irregularities here, my colleagues are doing a lot of great writing when it comes to that. Something did jump out at me as I was working on Thursday’s Morning Briefing though. It had to do with Biden’s ever-growing popular vote total.

The Hill:

President-elect Joe Biden’s vote tally is getting close to a record 80 million votes as ballots continue to be counted across the country, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Biden already broke the record for the most votes for any presidential candidate in history after he reached beyond 70 million votes as of the day following Election Day. The record was previously held by former President Obama, who received more than 69.4 million votes in 2008.

Here was my immediate response to reading that:

I was just ready to start not seeing conspiracies around every corner when I read this. His totals are swelling while most of the House races that have been called late have been flipped by Republicans.

Either the entire electorate was under the influence of a variety of substances or every single Democrat in California and New York voted this year. And they only voted for president, apparently.

This is all so implausible that I’ve gone from being the guy who wanted to expose as many problems with this election as possible, then quickly pivot to focusing on taking back the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024, to the guy who smells a rat everywhere.

Now I’m thinking that maybe we should recount the recounts.

By hand.


In the snow.

Both ways.

Let’s Slow Down the Vote-Counting for Both Accuracy and Spite

RIP America, the Mail-In Voter Fraud Fix Is In


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