Lincoln Project Finds Way to Become Even Bigger Bottom-Feeders Than They Already Were

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The Lincoln Project Just Flushed Its Last “Principle” Down the Toilet

On its most noble and wholesome days, American politics is a business full of petty, back-stabbing grifters. The kind of people you shouldn’t entrust with the care of a pet goldfish, let alone running the political machinery of the greatest country on Earth.


I have been in the entertainment industry my entire adult life. I’ve also been a conservative political activist for decades, so I thought I had an idea of just how bad politics really was.


It wasn’t until I started a side hustle writing and speaking at political events that I got a real good look at the aforementioned machinery. After a couple of years of that, I told my best friend in stand-up that showbiz is exceedingly sane compared to the extreme dysfunction of the political world.

Washington, D.C., has been called “Hollywood for ugly people,” which is true for the most part, although I have met some attractive people there. The real ugly in D.C. is on the inside of people.

Enter the Lincoln Project, a snot-bubbling Never-Trump toddler tantrum founded mostly by political consultants and strategists who hail from a grifter class I’ve long derided.

As we are all painfully aware, the Never-Trump crowd has laughably been blathering on and on about their principles since 2016. If milking as much money as you can while crapping all over 9/10ths of the people you sided with for most of your career is a “principle,” then they have a case. I’m not opposed to anyone making money legally, but I will shoot your high horse if you’re a petty sellout pretending to occupy a position of moral superiority.


The Lincoln Project has rapidly distinguished itself as the worst of the worst. Sure, they bark about principles like all the Nevers do, but they’re so transparently awful that I doubt even they believe their own b.s. Over in Never-Trump Grifterland, the Lincoln Project makes the writers at The Bulwark look like the American Conservative Union.

The Lincoln Project has been getting worse by the week. Earlier in the month in his “Insanity Wrap,” our own VodkaPundit described how the Lincoln Project “retroactively” endorsed His High Holiness the Lightbringer, Barack Obama.

Lincoln Project
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You know, like principled conservatives do.

How Low Can You Go? 

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt seems to have decided that the group just isn’t sleazy enough and decided to up its game. I discovered this tweet in a post written by David Harsanyi for National Review:

More from Harsanyi’s post:

As someone whose parents defected from the Soviet bloc, I find this kind of slander especially indefensible because it belittles the horrors of tyranny for cheap political points, and because it’s impossible to defend against. It would be tantamount to Rubio saying, “Steve Schmidt is the type of guy who would have been leading the mob in Kristallnacht because it might mean a few extra Reichsmarks in his pocket.”


Schmidt’s dig is the kind of low-t thing that only a weak man who’s tired of watching George Conway steal and eat all of his French fries does.

Rubio did hit back though:

Allow me to digress for a moment to engage in some pedantry, which I usually eschew.

Political strategists and consultants are already political whores, so Schmidt didn’t really turn to political prostitution. In fact, if I were to write a musical parody about the Lincoln Project, I’d call it The Worst Little Whorehouse in D.C.

I’d have Ana Navarro play George Conway in that, by the way.

If It Walks Like a Democrat…

The major players in the Lincoln Project continue to portray themselves as principled anti-Trump Republicans or — in Schmidt’s case — independents. In reality, they are all advocates for the Democrats now. It’s not just Trump who they want to defeat, it’s any Republican currently running who didn’t disavow Trump and join their pathetic little reindeer games.

Lincoln Project
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For example, here in Arizona we Republicans are desperately hoping that Sen. Martha McSally can defeat the gun-grabbing carpetbagger Mark Kelly. This is one of — if not the — key races that the GOP needs to win to keep control of the Senate. With stakes that high, you might think that the principled Republicans at the Lincoln Project could at least look the other way.


They’ve been targeting McSally since the beginning of the year (I won’t dignify it with a link) with an ad claiming that she is a “Trump hack.”

The Lincoln Project is gleefully willing to tip the balance of power in the United States to the party that has been cheering on anti-cop rioters all summer. All because they were embarrassed about being so wrong about everything in 2016. Hell, I was wrong about a lot in 2016 too but I didn’t soil my diaper and throw myself on the ground to scream and kick about it for four years.

The Lincoln Project and Vitriolic Grift Society charter members only want to make money for themselves right now. They know deep down that if this fantasy of theirs about deposing Trump and those who support him comes true that their Democratic masters will toss them aside like the trash that they’ve become. The useful idiots will be useful no more.

I’m going to go marvel at my principles now. Unlike the Lincoln Project, I still have more of them than I do money in the bank.


And I’m at peace with that.

Never Trumpers Leg-Hump Every Leftist Narrative Just to Make Friends

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