In Search of the Invisible Biden Voter

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Where Art Thou, O Ye Supporters of Biden?

We’ve all heard the rumors. Joe Biden is running for president. Joe Biden has a huge lead in the polls. Joe Biden can tie his own shoes.


All are difficult to prove or understand.

I know that Joe Biden’s Twitter account is running for president. It’s a horrible candidate, by the way, maybe worse than he is in person. As for the shoe-tying thing, I’d wager good money that, if you asked Joe to tie his shoes he would try to shove a peanut butter and jelly sandwich up his nose.

The lead in the polls is the most mystifying, however. It’s true that many of us have a well-founded distrust of pollsters. In the past, however, when they’ve been deliberately skewing things one could at least find the occasional supporter of the candidate they were trying to prop up. They were ridiculously off about Granny Maojackets in 2016, but most of us at least met some Hillary voters.

Joe Biden is a different thing altogether. Last week, a friend of mine who is well-placed on Capitol Hill remarked that no one in D.C. is talking about Joe Biden. In the ensuing four days, three other friends whose opinions I also respect mentioned that nobody ever meets a Biden supporter in person.

I live in one of the most liberal neighborhoods in the most liberal city in Arizona. It’s left-wing bumper sticker (Coexist!) and yard sign hell here. None of them mention Joe Biden. Bernie bumper stickers abound, however. Heck, I have a neighbor up the street who still has a Bernie 2016 sign up, so it’s not like the local folk aren’t dedicated.


This is all anecdotal, of course, but so were the rumors about flyover country support for Trump in 2016.

Who Do You Trust?

In May, VodkaPundit examined what a non-entity Biden is atop his throne and just what the disingenuous mainstream media are doing to prop him up. Last month, Stacey Lennox took a look at the polls to see why they are, well, you know, the way they are.

What we’re looking at now is a candidate who is, according to polling, a juggernaut but one whose real world support is nigh on invisible. It hasn’t been that long since the national pollsters were really, really wrong, of course. However, this disconnect between Biden’s poll numbers and the nonexistent enthusiasm for his candidacy is weird even when you factor in the plague year and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Does Anyone Really Believe the Polls Showing Biden Cruising to Victory?

Even the frothing, rabid Trump-hating media seem worn out by being saddled with Biden at times. They began last year with a huge field that was mostly filled with non-septuagenarians and they ended up with a guy who is going to be 78 before Thanksgiving and who can’t remember where he is even though he hasn’t left his basement in four months.

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There’s a lot of bourbon and Xanax action going on in the coastal media bubbles these days.

Anti-Trump, Not Really Pro-Biden

What we are seeing from the Democrats is the same thing that we’ve seen since 2016: They just don’t like Donald Trump. That dislike is no doubt very real but it doesn’t necessarily translate into votes for der Bidengaffer. As I have written for years (generally in frustration with my own party), “Our guy sucks less than their guy,” isn’t much of an inspiration to the electorate. In fact, if Republican presidential election history is any indicator, it’s practically useless as a motivator to get people to the polls.


Those Bernie Bros don’t magically morph into Biden voters either, even if Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep is now tongue-bathing a full-on commie platform. In fact, Biden’s embrace of the AOC wing of the party may very well be irritating a lot of the bougie Dems who live in lawless Democratic riot cities and are not at all amused that the hoi polloi are now making their way into Rich White Liberaland gated communities. Are they going to vote for Trump? No. Might they just stay home and not vote for Biden? Highly possible.

Looking at Biden’s career in public office it’s easy to see why he doesn’t inspire anything other than an overwhelming blasé feeling in the electorate. He’s hung around forever by doing the bare minimum. He was in the Senate for almost four decades and had maybe one major legislative accomplishment during that time. He kept getting reelected from a decidedly blue state that’s the size of my courtyard and has 26 people, so that was no great feat.

When he was The Lightbringer’s VP, he was more famous for dropping f-bombs and groping biker chicks than anything else.

There isn’t a lot of there there with Biden, so it’s not surprising that the streets and social media aren’t filled with these throngs who the polls tell us are supporting him.

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Voter enthusiasm is real and it is difficult to measure, especially when pollsters roll into town riding a tank made from confirmation bias. If there is any for Joe Biden right now, the Democrats are keeping it stashed in that basement with him.

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