[WATCH] Trump Attorney Warns of 'Danger' for Future Presidents if 'Policy Disagreements' Become Impeachment Standard

(Senate Television via AP)

On the final day of opening statements for President Trump’s defense team, attorney Jay Sekulow did what he has been doing so well thus far: he picked apart the Democrats’ motives for lowering the bar for impeachment.


Sekulow makes clear that impeaching a duly elected president over policy disagreements is not what the Founders intended. While I am not always a fan of people unequivocally stating the intent of the Founders, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s not out on a limb here.

Sekulow follows up with this warning: “…if you lower the bar that way: danger, danger, danger. Because the next president, or the one after that, he or she will be held to that same…standard? I hope not. I pray not.”

This really is about the Democrats’ cheapening of the impeachment process just so they can keep it in their hip pockets to use again when another election doesn’t go their way — at the end of this year, for example. Just as when Harry Reid changed the filibuster rules in the Senate several years ago, the Democrats aren’t really factoring in that all of this could one day be used against them.


Like Sekulow, I too pray that we don’t permanently devolve and make impeachment a regular part of every election cycle.


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