Chuck Todd Suggests That Trump Voters 'Wanna Be Lied to' Because Noah's Ark or Something

(Don Campbell/The Herald-Palladium via AP)

On Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd plumbed new depths of journalist malpractice, essentially implying that people of faith can support President Trump because they grow up believing in fairy tales.


After reading some bigoted nonsense that Todd says is “fascinating,” Todd piggybacks on the bigotry, saying that voters just “wanna be lied to” and are averse to being told “hard truths.”

Making this an even more unholy convergence of all that is wrong with modern American journalism, Todd’s guests are the executive editors of The Washington Post and The New York Times, the two main architects and peddlers of the “Trump voters are unenlightened rubes from the icky parts of America” narrative.

This condescension is the cancer that’s killing American journalism, and it’s metastasizing. Here is an example from the previous week’s episode of CNN’s Reliable Sources:


The sheltered Coastal Media Bubble bigots speak with one voice: Trump voters are Trump voters because they just don’t know any better.

It’s difficult to get inside the heads of people who bizarrely believe that the only reason they keep failing is because they’re smarter than everyone else. I don’t think they have a real endgame for all of this, they just need to feel good in the moment so they keep telling each other their own fairy tales.



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