The Morning Briefing: Trump Is Bobby Fischer Playing 3-D Chess as Impeachment Dems Play Checkers

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A Little Bit of Everything Today

OK, two things, because impeachment and the debate were all that went on yesterday. I often long for the simpler times, like earlier this year when so many people were devoting their outrage to the fact that Captain Marvel was a woman. Instead, we’re being fed a steady diet of the above.


It’s almost enough to make me want to listen to secular holiday music as a distraction.

Full disclosure: I hate secular holiday music.

I have been writing and talking a lot this past week about how we really have gone all “Two Americas” with the impeachment stuff. Wednesday was no exception:

Tyler covers the media misinformation campaign about the Sondland testimony here. It is, if possible, even worse than any of the other coverage leading up to it.

The Sondland testimony was the same as all of the others: if you’re a Democrat, you think it drove a stake through the heart of the Trump presidency. If you’re a Republican, you think — yet again — that everything the Democrats thought about it was contradicted.

Both can’t be true.

The only thing that has been crystal clear is that the Democrats aren’t getting what they want. The thing about the 2019 Dems is that they’re blissfully unaware of, well, most things. Thanks to the self-affirming noise their media mouthpieces can make for them, harsh realities don’t often reach them.

There was a snippet in yesterday’s Briefing mentioning that polls show that the hearings aren’t moving the needle of public opinion too much.

That’s not entirely true.

The left-leaning Gallup organization just released a poll showing President Trump’s approval rating ticking upward in the midst of all of this negative publicity.


Even better, the president’s polling is up in Wisconsin versus the leading Democratic candidates, all of whom he was trailing prior to Schiff’s kangaroo inquiry.

When it became clear on election night last year that the Democrats were retaking the House, I said on the live blog we were doing that night that it may be the best thing to happen to Trump’s re-election efforts. I firmly believed that he would benefit greatly from the Democrats talking nonstop about impeachment.

Perhaps it’s not just that the Democrats are fumbling the ball that’s swaying some of the public opinion. President Trump’s allegedly inartful way of handling his own publicity is — to those of us who are fans of it — his way of picking up the fumble and returning it for a touchdown.

The reason Democrats are angry 24/7 now is that the man that they keep telling themselves is a bumbling moron has been besting them in so many ways for three years.

That’ll make anyone cranky.

All They Have To Do Is Not Be Insane

It’s Trump’s party now, and the RNC has picked up on his boldness. Who better to explain just how lunatic the Democrats have become than the Democrats themselves?

Heap Big Idiot

Yeah, because the one thing people like Bezos and Gates are known for is being layabout freeloaders.

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