The Morning Briefing: Inevitable—Everyone Hates Kaepernick Now

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He Finally Did It

In the three years since Colin Kaepernick knelt his way off of the San Francisco 49ers and out of the National Football League, the one thing the drama has lacked is ambivalence. People either hated him or viewed him as a social hero who was being mistreated and prevented from playing the game he loves.


Now everybody just hates him.

Throughout his supposedly unwanted hiatus from football, Kaepernick and those representing him have insisted that he is staying in playing shape and merely wanted a chance to showcase his skills for a team.

Last week, the NFL offered him that chance. The Nike hero was supposed to work out for twenty-five teams in Atlanta last Saturday.

As most of you probably know by now, the workout was derailed a bit because Kaepernick did what he truly does best: act like an insufferable prima donna.

At 2:30 p.m. Eastern time, with about two dozen scouts waiting at the Falcons’ facility, Kaepernick announced that the workout would be moved to a high school an hour away. Many scouts threw up their arms and headed straight to the airport. Dozens of reporters and cameramen drove south to the high school field.

The NFL — which often gets things like this wrong — responded like adults, but if you read between the lines here, you can see that they’re really over Kaepernick:

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recorded a short video that really summed up this mess perfectly:

One thing that gets lost in all of the noise that Kaepernick deliberately creates around himself is that his quarterback skills had been in a bit of a freefall throughout most of his last season in the NFL. He’d been benched, and that had nothing to do with his kneeling. A few years away from the game certainly haven’t made any of that better, no matter how hard he’s been working out.


Kaepernick probably has adequate NFL backup quarterback skills, but does anybody believe this pathological attention you-know-what would take that kind of role?

Not after last Saturday.

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The Kruiser Kabana 

I’ve been binge-watching Phineas and Ferb on Disney Plus. This is one of those rare cartoons that’s just as entertaining for the adults to watch. Loved watching this when my daughter was younger. I even love the theme song. So here it is.

“Underpants” is an oddly amusing word. Happy Monday.

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