The Morning Briefing: Do We Feel Impeached Yet?

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What We’ve Learned So Far


OK, maybe we’ve learned that events which get all of Washington buzzing don’t play in Peoria.

I will admit up front here that I haven’t watched one moment of the proceedings. As I do with most modern-day political circuses, I let Twitter watch it for me. I already know what I think, so it’s more fun watching how everyone else is reacting to these things.


What I have learned from watching America via social media these past couple of days is that the inquiry is having absolutely no impact whatsoever. People’s opinions about the potential impeachment of President Trump were set in cement then sealed in a steel vault weeks ago.

Adam Schiff’s Prom Queen spotlight turn is going to do nothing to change hearts and minds. If you’re looking for a real feel-good kumbaya American unity story to carry you into the weekend, here it is: the Democrats agree with me.

There are a few reasons that the presentation of Beltway Kabuki Theater isn’t getting the reviews the Democrats had hoped for.

One: Adam Schiff’s creepy eyes

Seriously, the dude looks like he’s got a ferret in his pants. Americans aren’t going to be moved by a political assault that’s being led by an intergalactic visitor from the planet Freak Eye.

Two: The Party that Cried Wolf

The Democrats and their media monkeys have spent three years shrieking about every unsubstantiated, anonymously-sourced rumor that they were just sure was going to bring down President Trump. All were nothing, so nobody who has been paying any attention is going to leave lunch early to see if this turns out to be something.

Three: A lack of sincerity

If you want to throw a duly-elected president out of office, your motivations had better be pure. The Democrats are lacking in that department right now. They know they have a ship of fools sailing towards next year’s election, so they’re hoping this impeachment process can do some damage to President Trump. It’s not happening out of concern for the country, it’s a purely political ploy, complete with focus groups and market research.


Many of us have maintained for a while that, no matter which way this turns out, it plays well for the president. The people who didn’t like him were already motivated. Their numbers aren’t increasing because of this.

On the other side, people who may have been on the fence are becoming increasingly put off by the Democratic chaos machine.

Others, like me, are just watching a lot of Star Wars stuff on Disney Plus.

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