The Morning Briefing: Media Tries to Kill the Messenger in the Katie Hill Story

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It’s Tuesday, So the Media Must Be Awful

The sordid Katie Hill saga seemingly came to an end over the weekend when she announced her resignation from Congress. Her brief, unremarkable tenure in the House will soon be forgotten, but the leftist media horde is determined to make the circumstances surrounding her political demise live on a little while longer.


The story was originally broken by my friend Jennifer Van Laar at our sister site RedState. As the spotlight on Hill got hotter, many on the left decided to make the story about Jennifer rather than Hill’s poor choices.

Jen has been attacked on social media by a host of paid leftist trolls. Now shrieking feminist harridan Jill Filipovic wants Jen and RedState investigated. Twitchy — another sister site — has a deep dive on that here.

Politico‘s Michael Calderone wrote a particularly tone-deaf and stupid article in which he expressed shock that Jennifer and RedState were interested in having a Republican replace Hill in the House. He’s such an idiot that he’s proud of perhaps the dumbest part of his article:

My response:

All of this is happening because an elected Democrat who isn’t a straight, white male is supposed to be a protected species who can never be criticized. Hill was part of the Democratic youth movement that the Left loves so much simply because they’re young. Anybody who assails a member of the protected class must be destroyed.


Their rules. That’s why I have no problem continuing to disparage the media.


The Democrats are going to move the Impeachment Kabuki Theater into the dress rehearsal phase on Thursday.

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