Trump Hits Twitter for a Hump Day Never Trumper Rant

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Trump took a Hump Day respite from POTUS duties to hit Twitter and hammer some of his least favorite people in politics: the Never Trump crowd.

Never one to mince words in speeches or on social media, the president began with a salvo that was a bit harsh even for him:


As a conservative activist who has also been in the entertainment industry my whole adult life, I’m no stranger to being around people who disagree with me politically. In the contentious years since President Trump took office, I’ve still managed to get along with my liberal comedian friends.

The only people I don’t speak to since then are Never Trumpers who I used to spend time with at various political conferences. Some had become good friends. In each case, they stopped speaking to me. I’ve been around too long to end friendships over politics.

Still, I wouldn’t call any of them “human scum.” I think most of them are emo idiots, especially at this point, but that’s worst I’ve got to say. Then again, I’m not the object of their misbegotten tantrums.

POTUS was so proud of this tweet that he pinned it to the top of his Twitter page.

He then tied in his longstanding dislike for the Never Trumpers with the impeachment circus:


And then:

Trump then goes on to say that “It would be really great if the people within the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good (I hope!), could stop hiring Never Trumpers,” which is a valid point.

This is Trump doing what Trump does best: shifting and/or hijacking a media narrative with a few tweets. Despite the constant disruptive attempts to keep him on the defensive, he flips the whole thing on its head and gets the media and the Democrats chasing their tails for a while.

That there are people in this administration who are busy wreaking havoc from within is plain to see. No doubt many are Never Trumpers who fancy themselves as the standard-bearers of conservative principles.

Conservative principles that would have been OK with Granny Maojackets becoming POTUS in 2016 and may yet get the Oval Office occupied by a full-blown socialist.

Maybe not “scum,” but still pretty awful.


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