The Morning Briefing: Things Are Just Impeachy Now

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It’s On Like Dysfunctional Donkey Kong

Arriving perhaps a year earlier than anyone planned, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced on Tuesday that the House would be going forward with a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump.


Honestly, I didn’t think that we would see this stunt until around this time next year, as some sort of eleventh-hour, election year surprise. I truly believe that’s one reason Pelosi has been against launching an inquiry thus far.

Of course, it’s Hallelujah! time over in Dem Land. They are now convinced that THIS IS THE ONE THING that will get rid of Bad Orange Man for them. For those keeping count at home, this is the 7,891st ONE THING since January 2017.

If the rabidly anti-Trump leftists were hoping for widespread panic among Trump-supporting Republicans, the first official day of impeachment stuff was full of fizzle in that regard.

This is largely due to the fact that the Democrats have deemed almost everything that the president has done for three years an impeachable offense. We’ve sort of OD’d on the “Dems Who Cried Wolf” crap by now.

There is also the fact that, while there may be something to this Ukrainian stuff, there isn’t as much as the people doing the victory party think there is, at least not with what we know so far.

The president was unmoved by the news and, in typical Trump fashion, used it as a promo/campaign opportunity:

The very real possibility that all of this could do so much to energize the Trump base and backfire on the eventual Democratic nominee was even discussed on MSNBC on Tuesday.


Despite all of the impeachment fever that’s infecting the Democrats, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), reiterated her position that it is a bad idea.

Seriously, Screw These People

One of the more awful aspects of the “cancel culture” that’s plaguing America is the perverse lust for poring through people’s old social media posts in order to use them for character assassination.

The Des Moines Register ran a profile this week about a young man named Carson King, who turned a goofy televisions stunt into over $1 million in charity donations. It was largely a flattering article until near the end when a “routine background check” turned up TWO offensive tweets from when King was 16 years old.

Anheuser-Busch responded by cutting charitable ties with King on Tuesday afternoon.

The Register then published a lengthy, mostly garbage explanation of how it “reported” on King’s tweets. In reality, the bit about the tweets was throw-away stuff that wasn’t at all germane to the article.

The writer saw an opportunity to play “Gotcha!” with two tweets from eight years ago in what was otherwise a feel-good piece.

Because people are the worst.

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