The Morning Briefing: Weekly Progressive Dementia Update

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Hey guys!

Most days, I’m watching the news on Twitter all day. Perhaps I’ve become numb to the lunacy of the Left, even though I write about it a lot. On the rare occasions I do take even a short break, it all seems a little crazier than I remembered.


Such was the case on Tuesday, when I got some time away from the news because some family unexpectedly popped into town and got me out of the house for a few hours. When I returned, I waited another couple of hours before diving back in.

When I finally did take a look at how things were going, I was once again glad there was whiskey in the house.

An overview:

Here’s a rundown of each of these.

Imagine being this young and this emotionally constipated: 

I keep hoping that the permanently aggrieved Left will eventually run out of innocuous things to be triggered by. Not that I don’t enjoy their misery — I most certainly do — but I fear that one day these loons will have too much power and attempt to enforce their speech police fetishes.

Also, they’re annoying.

I don’t even have feelings and I enjoyed this:


For those of you unfamiliar with Tariq Nasheed, do yourselves a favor and stay that way. But this was too rich to overlook:

It’s two toddlers hugging, you babbling psychopath. But racism or something.

Appearing this week Himmler’s Ha Ha Hut

I’m not sure what a Nathan Bernard is, but he has a blue check and is really, really upset that Bill Burr broke free from the leftist hive mind.

I worked with Bill once, he opened for me a long time ago. He was funny then and he still is. His crime is that he doesn’t do safe, politically correct nonsense on stage. He does real standup. As I wrote in this long post last year, the PC idiots are deliberately trying to ruin comedy.

They’re the real Nazis. OK, maybe they’re more Soviet.


Keep laughing at offensive things, my friends, you may be saving the world.

And here is a little reminder that some of these morons are running for president.

The replies to the senile commie here are great free entertainment.

I didn’t get fired, I quit! Or something.

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About that race:

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

Haggis Hurling…because why not.

I want one in my house:


We never forget what happened on this date. That’s even more important now that we have vocal terrorist sympathizers in Congress.


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