The Morning Briefing: Midweek Mainstream Media Malpractice Edition

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Watching things unfold across various news media in recent days revealed a couple of irritating patterns. No doubt many will think I am nitpicking; it’s no secret that I am not a fan of the mainstream media, after all. Still, the MSM are like the irritating kids in HS who you wanted to not hate because you knew they could be much better people, but wouldn’t stop doing things to make you hate them.


Half of them were named Mitch.

I don’t want to hate the news media — they want me to hate them.

I’m actually a huge fan of responsible, earnest journalism. It’s not my fault that it’s only being practiced by three or four people in America at the moment, none of whom work at the national level.

There is a lot of news to be monitored every day and I try to get to as much as I can. Blogs, newspapers (digital), network news, cable news…I’m consuming a ton of it every day. I watch it all with a critic’s eye.

On Monday, almost forty people died in a nightmarish fire on a recreational boat near Santa Cruz Island in California. Rescuers were still looking for bodies on Tuesday but the story had almost completely vanished from the myriad feeds I peruse all day.

That there was nothing new to report isn’t the point. Most MSM outlets repeatedly tweet and share unchanged stories throughout any news cycle.

The media has been focusing on just a few things the past two days. Chief among them was news about President Trump’s hurricane Dorian-related tweets. There have been more updates on those than on the hurricane itself, it often seemed.

There wasn’t much news about the hurricane either, but that didn’t stop the MSM from mentioning it and “CLIMATE CHANGE” together every forty-five seconds or so. Predictably, Bernie Sanders used the hurricane to go into full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode.


As I am writing this, Dorian has been downgraded to a Category 2 storm and it might do something in the U.S. or it might not. It did, however, achieve its dramatic progressive narrative effect, though.

While I had to go out of my way to find any updates about the tragedy in California, I was repeatedly reminded that ONE small Catholic school removed Harry Potter books from its library. This hot piece of journalism broke on Saturday and was still in heavy social media rotation on ABC News’s and several other major MSM accounts early Wednesday morning. Four days of coverage. So far.


Sadly, the search for bodies in California was suspended on Tuesday night.


Investigating agenda-driven disseminators of partisan propaganda who masquerade as journalists is different. Good talk.

As I Was Just Saying


More on the above.

Awful people are awfully awful.

I promise I’ll lighten up tomorrow. Maybe bring snacks. Whiskey pops, or something.

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Happy Hump Day. Irish Pub yoga begins tomorrow.

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