The Morning Briefing: Comey Loses FBI 'Employee of the Month' Titles

Former FBI Director James Comey (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

They Say We Can’t Smell Our Own Odor

The Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on James Comey arrived on Thursday and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of St. Jimmy of Smirk.


It did not, however, go far enough in the eyes of many. For example,  the report did not recommend that Comey’s Twitter privileges be immediately revoked:

While I didn’t have the time to read everyone’s takes on the report, I can safely say that James Comey is the only breathing being in the Milky Way galaxy who thinks it is a positive thing for him. Questions of mental stability are in order if Comey thinks he’s been vindicated.

The New York Times:

The former F.B.I. director James B. Comey violated policy by disclosing memos about his interactions with President Trump to people outside the bureau, said a blistering Justice Department inspector general report released on Thursday. The report admonished him for setting “a dangerous example” for officials with access to government secrets.

The inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, faulted Mr. Comey for handing the memos over to his lawyers, one of whom provided the contents of one document to a New York Times reporter at Mr. Comey’s request. Though officials retroactively determined that they contained classified information, prosecutors declined to charge Mr. Comey with illegally disclosing the material.

Mr. Comey has said he helped make the information public in part to bring about the appointment of a special counsel. “Comey violated F.B.I. policy and the requirements of his F.B.I. employment agreement when he chose this path,” the report said.


Look Jimbo, when you’ve lost The New York Times…

Comey’s smugness is only exceeded by his false sense of moral superiority. He’s been yammering on about ethics and doing the right thing ever since President Trump rightly — and belatedly, as far as some are concerned — fired him.

The Hill used some of Comey’s own words on the subject of ethics to hang him:

Two years ago, former FBI Director James Comey came out with a book that celebrated himself as a paragon of “ethical leadership,” a subject that he later taught at the College of William and Mary. Comey declared, “Ethical leaders lead by seeing above the short term, above the urgent or the partisan, and with a higher loyalty to lasting values, most importantly the truth.” If that is the case, the new Justice Department inspector general report released on Thursday establishes that Comey is the very antithesis of the ethical leader he described. Comey was found to have violated both federal law and regulations for his own gain, and he made critical decisions that put personal over institutional interests.

Nevertheless, Comey released a statement portraying the scathing report as a type of victory and encouraged his critics to send their apologies to him. It was a “Captain Queeg” moment when myth borders on madness. Rather than rave about who stole his strawberries, as Queeg did in “The Caine Mutiny,” Comey claims someone stole a reputation that he tossed away two years ago.


While most in the media are accurately and soberly assessing the report, it’s worth remembering that until Thursday those same people championed Comey. His demented sense of purity and self-importance have been bloated and sustained by the media.

That even they can’t find anything to celebrate should tell him something.

I’m old- fashioned. I like my law enforcement people to do weird things like play by the rules and obey the law. When the guy at the top of the principal security agency in the country decides to go full YOLO because his political feelings are hurt it makes me nervous.

When you think about it, we’re lucky the whole country didn’t become an al Qaeda sleeper cell while Comey was the head of the FBI and Eric Holder was the chief law enforcement officer in the land.

What’s most disturbing about all of this is Comey’s attitude after his dereliction of duty was made public. The republic is well and truly screwed if those tasked with national security at the highest levels are content with getting a participation trophy for merely sucking less than people thought they might.

A dangerous precedent indeed.

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TGIF. If you’re having a long weekend, be safe. If you’re not, still be safe.

Now get out there and celebrate your God-given right to have an extra day off to purchase a sofa that’s on sale before the socialists take it away.



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