The Morning Briefing: Baby Bedbug Bret Stephens Edition

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Shut It, Wuss

Bret Stephens — the latest of the mainstream media-approved “conservative” writers — is having a rough time. In case you missed it, someone on Twitter called Bret a “bedbug” and that prompted him to launch a none-too-veiled attempt to get the guy fired.


After many on the right and left pointed out to Stephens that he may, in fact, be a bed-wetting pansy for reacting that way, he headed for the Twitter fainting couch:

The only people more tedious than the ones who complain on social media are those who complain about social media. Those who complain about social media on social media are a special sort of bottom-feeding class. It’s always done with a garbage “above the fray” attitude and the implication that the whiner is off to a moral high plane to revel in newfound emotional superiority.

Stephens’ reaction to this situation is indicative of why I don’t like any of the MSM “conservative” writers. The aforementioned “above the fray” vibe is a prerequisite for being accepted as a fully spayed and neutered in-house conservative at either The New York Times or WaPo.

The theory is that their intellects keep them removed from the messy internecine squabbling of the conservative hoi polloi, who are then supposed to look to them for guidance.

What’s worse than the fact that none of them are really conservative (Stephens comes the closest, actually) is that they’re all dull writers.

Stephens and Ross Douthat aren’t bad, in the way that dry white toast isn’t really bad.

David Brooks is constipation in word form.

Jennifer Rubin is now just jotting down everything she wants to say to her therapist.


If they’re not going to have the resolve to be in the fray, the least they could do is be entertaining. They’re opinion writers, there’s room for personality. It’s as if none of them have ever been within miles of a Norman Mailer essay.

Just Makin’ Stuff

I told you I’d have more today about the climate change insanity.

I will admit — with no small amount of envy — that being a climate hysteria pimp looks like a pretty sweet gig. They are not, after all, bound by any real cause-and-effect rules. Once they’ve joined the cause, they are immediately issued a set of easily movable goalposts for any “debate” they find themselves losing. Those goalposts are most necessary, as climate change is about the only issue liberals have left in which they can’t get out of an argument simply by screaming “RACISM!”

For example, take this post I wrote on Tuesday about a small, but statistically noticeable, jump in heat-related deaths during the summer in Phoenix and Las Vegas that were examined by The New York Times. There are a number of plausible explanations, some of which the Times mentioned.

They led with climate change being the real culprit though, as if it had never been hot in the desert before 2014.

Because there are no rules, it wasn’t incumbent upon them to prove that their thesis was true. And they didn’t. There was a lot of speculation along with feelings and the usual climate hysteria pimp call for more government action, but nothing that connected any dots from the original premise.


Sadly, the pimps are impossible to escape.

After the DNC twice balked at the idea of having a primary debate focused solely on climate change, CNN announced that it will host a prime-time town hall on the subject. Because nightmares really do come true, the town hall will be — I kid you not — seven hours long.

The apparent aim is to bore the planet to death before climate change can kill it.

CNN isn’t in the cable news ratings cellar, it is the cable news ratings cellar. This “Earth’s on fire” dog-and-pony show will be a win for the network, because it has nowhere to go but up.

The reason that the people at the DNC didn’t want an entire debate focused on climate change is because they know that the voters they need to win back don’t care a whit about the green New World Order.

A debate devoted just to climate change would make the Dems seem out of touch with the real concerns of middle America.

Seven hours on CNN might make them all vote Republican.

Off we go…

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