The Morning Briefing: Frauds Investigating the Frauds—Gov. Stacey Abrams Edition

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It’s Only Bad When Trump Does It

In case you missed it, the president has had a little bone about election fraud to pick lately:


My focus this morning isn’t to substantiate the claim or do a deep dive into the numbers. Rather, I want to vent about how the media is treating it.

Democrats and their media lapdogs have been caterwauling for days about the president’s claims. The insanely partisan Federal Election Commission chairwoman has demanded that Trump provide proof to back up the claims, and the MSM has been cheering her on the whole time.

The same crowd that has just spent three years telling us that Boris and Natasha swayed an American election using Facebook is now incredulous that the infinitely more powerful — and blatantly liberal — Google could pull this off.

Worse yet, these are the same people who have been perfectly comfortable with letting Stacey Abrams run around insisting that, but for rampant election fraud, she would be the governor of Georgia.

While the FEC chairwoman is accusing the president of “undermining the faith” in fair elections, she allows Abrams to let her tongue run wild with tales of election fraud. Abrams is not only not being taken to task for her claims, she’s being heralded as a potential savior of democracy.

Naturally, they gloss over the part about democracy only being under threat from liberals like Stacey Abrams and the media that lets her to continue to spread falsehoods as fact.

The most laughable response came from Granny Maojackets herself. Her handlers pulled her away from the chardonnay box du jour just long enough to have her belch approval of a tweet they wrote for her.


Of course, it is virtually impossible to believe that people who are bitterly opposed to voter I.D. laws are truly concerned about election fraud. They love election fraud.

They just want it to be done their way.

Cat’s Got Squad’s Tongues After Palestinian Authority Bans LGBTQ Activity

If you’re ever looking for proof that the Left doesn’t really care about people — just power — look no further than the Democrats’ complete denial of how LGBTQ people are treated in Islamic-controlled parts of the world.

The Palestinian Authority has outlawed LGBTQ activity in the West Bank and the typically vocal PA super fans in The Squad have suddenly taken a vow of silence.

Dear LGBTQ Americans: the Democrats don’t give a damn about you. You’re useful idiot political bludgeons for them here. If, however, you were being flogged or hung in accordance with Sharia law, they would turn a blind eye and call anyone here who pointed out your horror Islamophobic.

Fake concern for LGBTQ people — especially the “T”s — has become a favorite tool of leftists for silencing the opposition.

A few months ago, popular Twitter conservative GayPatriot (yes, one of the “G”s!) was permanently banned for using the word “tranny.” He had previously been suspended — on National Coming Out Day, no less — for calling Chelsea Manning “Bradley.”

A very disturbing saga played out in Boston over a long period of time. The hosts of the highest-rated local morning talk radio show in the city were ultimately harassed off the air by a wealthy transgender activist who took offense to the hosts saying that a five-year-old girl who wanted to switch genders wasn’t old enough to make that decision.


While LGBTQ people are much safer here, they should all know that they’re expendable in the pursuit of American liberal Islamolust should they go abroad.

And be killed.

To death.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

President Trump tweeted this bit of hilarity on Monday evening:

That photoshopped fun was the brainchild of my friend Jon Gabriel, who is the editor-in-chief of He came up with it last Thursday, when the news about the president’s interest in Greenland first became known:

Jon is a fantastic writer, thinker, and proud Navy vet, but his real dream is to leave behind a legacy of memes. So how about it, Mr. President? Give a little shout to a patriot.

From the Comments

@SternResolve (Andrew Stern✓Cᵒⁿˢᵗᶦᵗᵘᵗᶦᵒⁿᵃˡᶦˢᵗ):

We’re always headed into bubble territory in some sector of the economy. Americans have to be educated that government intervention always distorts the economy and always spreads the misery around.

You cannot solve social and economic problems by adding government.

That last sentence should be on a large plaque in every classroom in America.

@disqus_cigS5F1uYO (South Texas)

BEN WHITE 10/21/2016 02:46 PM EDT
NEW YORK — Wall Street is set up for a major crash if Donald Trump shocks the world on Election Day and wins the White House.

Heard this before…


Yep. After I’d finished doing a live Election Night broadcast on KABC radio in L.A. in 2016, I stayed up until six in the morning watching CNN on my TV and MSNBC on my phone, just to enjoy the meltdowns. There may have been copious amounts of celebratory beer involved too. The overwhelming theme on both networks was that Trump’s election was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, the WORST THING EVER for the stock market and economy in general.

Oh well.

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This is absolutely beautiful:

Remember: Lefties hate it when you’re happy!


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