Sin City Indeed: Vegas Hit With Plague of Grasshoppers

(Image: Brett Hondow via Pixabay)

Las Vegas is so known as the destination for debauched behavior that its tourism marketing slogan promises to keep whatever you do there a secret and its nickname is Sin City. Adding to its mystique this week is a sudden variation on the biblical plague of locusts detailed the Book of Exodus.



It might be time to accept that the city of Las Vegas is now lost to us humans. It belongs to the grasshoppers now.

Swarms of the winged insect have overrun the Nevada city in the past week, making parts of Sin City look like they’ve been inflicted with a Biblical plague.

Pictures and videos of the infestation are flying all over (too soon?) social media and they look like cheaply shot horror flicks:


The good news — as anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas during the summertime knows — is that there really isn’t any reason to leave the hotel/casino you’re staying in anyway.

Then again, the entire casino industry is always working on ways to keep gamblers from ever wandering outside. Conspiracy-minded folk might not put it past them to genetically engineer a grasshopper plague.


I think.


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