Jimmy Carter's Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Too Much Even for Jeff Flake

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

In case you missed it earlier: the worst one-term president in United States history had things to say again.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real thing, people, and it afflicts all ages. This particular sufferer just happens to be older.


Jeff Flake is a younger politician who manifested horrible TDS symptoms as he was unceremoniously run out of office for utterly failing his constituents. Rather than own up to his inability to hold on to his core support, he decided to mask electoral betrayal by complaining about President Trump 24/7 just so the mainstream media would put a band-aid on his political wounds.

A Trump fan he is not.

Jimmy Carter’s latest partisan vomit was a bit much for Flake to handle though:

There are a lot of people who paint Carter as a good man even though he was a bad president.

He’s not a good man.


For all of the God-fearing pomp and circumstance Carter puts out there, he remains all-too defined by his bitterness over being drummed out after just one term in the White House.

His post-presidential influence has been marked by a hatred for American allies and literally “fondly” remembering an enemy.

Anyone who has followed Flake’s body of work for the last year and a half knows how truly stunning it is for him to call out Carter for bad-mouthing Trump.

Good for Flake.

Bad for Carter.

Best for everyone who voted “Reagan” in 1980.



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