De Blasio's Excuse for Quoting Che Is All Kinds of Iffy

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It didn’t take New York mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio long to apologize for his stunningly stupid quoting of Che Guevara at a Miami rally on Thursday. It was, after all, other Democrats who were calling for a response. Here’s what Hizzoner came up with:


Claiming ignorance is never a flattering way out of a situation, and looks even worse when one is running for president. It gives opponents on both sides of the aisle an opportunity to pounce.

Just the tiniest bit of research reveals that de Blasio’s excuse is probably not at all true. This is from a 2014 Daily Caller post:

“I don’t wear the Che Guevara t-shirt when I go to work,” the recently-inaugurated Bill de Blasio told Stewart when asked about his leftwing reputation. “I’m blessed to have had a very strong mandate from the people to make some real progressive change.”

That’s from a “Daily Show” interview de Blasio did after he was first elected. Sure, it’s a joke, but the Daily Caller post also notes that de Blasio not only honeymooned in Cuba but went to Nicaragua to support the Sandinistas in the 1980s because theirs was a movement that he “thought made a lot of sense.”

This man is not just a casual observer of socialism and communism, as his actions clearly show. Any American who went to Castro’s Cuba for a honeymoon and claims to be unfamiliar with famous Che quotes is more than likely lying.


Quoting Che in front of a group you keep referring to using a commie favorite code word — workers — almost guarantees it.

It wasn’t just de Blasio’s fellow Democrats piling on. Florida’s most prominent Cuban-American politician weighed in as well:

Were de Blasio a Republican, this would almost certainly be brought up at the next debate, by both the moderators and his opponents.

He’s probably safe though. Mainstream media moderators really don’t like to hold Democratic candidates accountable for anything — like Tulsi Gabbard’s support for Assad — and this 2020 field really isn’t looking to give socialism or communism a bad name.


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