The Fun Begins: Hickenlooper Mistaken for Press Outside Dem Debate

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

The crowded 2020 Democratic field may begin experiencing some attrition as their first debates get under way this week. If everyone can make it into the arena, that is:


Life’s hard for a former purple state governor who is trying to wade his way through to a spotlight that is really only shining on a handful of people thus far.

All across the American political spectrum people have been pondering the motives of outlier, lesser-recognized candidates who have jumped into this exceedingly large presidential nomination fray.

Now that the debates are beginning, it will be interesting for fans of the political game to watch for which of these candidates might figure out a way to make an impression, even though CNN will “blah, blah, blahing” about Elizabeth Warren.

It will be even more interesting to see if they are merely going to be fed a bunch of questions that lead them into familiar Democratic talking points, which the hack MSM often do during these affairs. That won’t help any of the low-polling candidates at all.

Time to head to Costco and really load up on popcorn.


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