Joe Scarborough: Trump Won't Seek Reelection

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The guy who gave Donald Trump his own town hall forum in early 2016 has had the worst, and most fun to watch from a schadenfreude perspective, case of buyer’s remorse since late 2016.


Now he’s got theories:

I will be the first to admit that one of the things I enjoy most about President Trump is that he isn’t a career politician. Because of that, he may very well decide he is bored with the nonsense and not run in 2020, but he really does seem to enjoy this POTUS gig so far. The idea that he will just bail on the whole thing seems more like a feverish liberal (yes, Scarborough is a liberal now) fantasy.

The discussion in the video here is part of the still-ongoing, and quite ridiculous, breathless MSM speculation about the announced resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley openly stated that she is looking forward to returning to the private sector, which many in the left media immediately seized upon as code for “I’m running in 2020.” At least one of the MSNBC panelists in the clip has enough sense to declare that idea is a non-starter. The rest, however, are coy, wandering into that “kinda/sorta/maybe” speculation that passes for political punditry these days.


As someone who has been professionally writing about and commenting on politics for a long time, I understand that punditry not only involves commenting on the issues of the day, but some opinion-based speculation as well. That speculation, however, has to be informed by some sort of reality. What most left media pundits do these days is spin tales based on their own fantasy world. In that world, Donald Trump should never have been president. This is why on any given day MSNBC or CNN is convinced that there is another game-changing event in the ridiculous Russia collusion investigation that will finally rid them of their bogey man. They are completely unaware that all of sane society recognized the investigation as garbage and moved on a very long time ago.

One thing that undoubtedly is confusing the MSM lefties about the Haley resignation is the very idea that someone would want to leave government work. To liberals, making a living off of the taxpayers is the highest and best calling for human beings. That’s why they can say that someone making a hundred or more thousand a year (looking at you, Bernie Sanders) is engaged in “public service” and do it with a straight face. It is positively mystifying to them that anyone would ever want to leave that.

The most amusing thing (to me, anyway) about the speculation is that liberals are so desperate to get rid of President Trump that they are actually wishing Nikki Haley will run. She may very well be the most formidable non-Trump opponent they have looming on the horizon.


Let us humor these bozos for a moment and say that they do get what they want and Trump opts out of 2020 (sorry Dems: the Russia nonsense isn’t going to make him go away).

Despite all of the hype surrounding the shrieking progressives in the Democratic Party, they’re still secretly banking on Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep getting into the race, which even The New York Times acknowledges he is preparing to do. Biden will be 77 years old for most of 2020. Nikki Haley will be 48. The party that fancies itself the one of youth and diversity will be getting older and whiter at the top while the GOP will have a woman in her forties who is coming off of some tough-choice foreign policy experience.

Let’s see the left media pundits speculate about that outcome for a while.


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