Two Almost Sure Signs That 'Russiagate' Is About to Go Down the MSM Memory Hole

(Grabien Screen Shot)

For over a year now, the mainstream media, Democrats, and everyone who has ever had access to HuffPo for more than five minutes have been screaming about RUSSIA. The story constantly shifts. Russia hacked the election. Russia colluded with Trump. OMG RUSSIA BOUGHT FACEBOOK ADS.


The latter is alarming if you believe that Facebook ads move people to do anything. Unless Russia was explicitly offering 20% off on election hacking, I can guarantee you that strategy didn’t work.

Recently, the Russia focus has been moving leftward on two fronts. Here’s the first:

If you combine that with what Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) says in this video, a clear path for this story to fade from the news emerges. If the focus remains on any Democrats too long, it’s a safe bet that members of the media will soon pretend that they’ve never even heard of Russia.



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