Is a Less Progressive '' on the Way?

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Via Politico:

After the presidential election in November, expect to see a lot less political coverage from liberal news and commentary site Salon.

According to several sources, Salon’s newly appointed CEO Jordan Hoffner is planning to cut down on the site’s political writing and instead direct resources toward culture, business and lifestyle writing — a plan that has some political writers at the site worried.


They should be worried if this is true. At present, Salon is essentially the blog equivalent of an already hysterical high school girl whose longtime young Republican boyfriend dumped her an hour before prom and who has been shrieking ever since.

The shift is due in part to the fact that they want to try and increase ad revenue, but it may also reflect a growing malaise among the American public when it comes to politics. 2016 has been a rough ride even for devoted partisans (trust me, I am one) and there could be an extended detox period in order after November. Mixing it up might not be a bad thing.

This does seem like Salon may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater though. Adding variety to the coverage is one thing, abandoning what you’ve been doing all along is another. Too often, media enterprises will abandon a core audience in search of a new one, usually with disastrous results. I’m not concern trolling Salon here, just making some general observations.

Maybe I am concerned a little. Salon’s current model does provide me with a lot of material to mock.


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