'HuffPo' Writer Mad at Richard Sherman's Continued Use of 'All Lives Matter'

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Sanity matters too.

Richard Sherman is one of the most intelligent and eloquent athletes in professional sports today. He has smart things to say about the NCAA and poverty and issues of police brutality ― not to mention football.

Which is what makes it so odd that he continues to stand by his use of the phrase “All Lives Matter.” In an interview with ESPN’s The Undefeated published Tuesday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback spouted and then defended his continued use of the three highly politicized words.

“I stand by what I said: that All Lives Matter and that we are human beings [first and foremost],” the former Stanford Cardinal said.


The phrase is “highly politicized” because the people like this HuffPo editor have decided to make it so. His entire gripe with Sherman’s embrace of the phrase centers around a false premise they’ve created too: that it’s a conservative creation that is in “direct opposition” to “Black Lives Matter.” That patent absurdity only works out if one is willing to be exceedingly arbitrary with the meaning of words. Obviously “all lives” encompasses “black lives” so it can’t be “in opposition”.

This is yet another case of politically correct social justice warrior types policing speech, and it’s really getting old. What’s wrong isn’t Sherman’s use of the phrase, but a white HuffPo editor actually believing that he tell a guy from Compton what he should be doing to be better in sync with black activism in America.

As a wise woman once said, stop the insanity.


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