Avoiding Islam, Media Squarely Focuses on Florida AG Pam Bondi as Real Evil After Orlando

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

In case you thought that Hillary Clinton’s brief flirtation with the obvious yesterday might mean the Democrats have decided to admit that the Islamic thread in all of the terror attacks actually exists, America’s Leftmedia Clown Show rode in to make sure everyone knew that was a one-off.


Rather than find some Muslims and ask about their positions on gay marriage, CNN’s Anderson Cooper decided to dig deeply into Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s opposition to gay marriage.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Tuesday struggled to reconcile her role in the state’s fight against same-sex marriage with her response to the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

“Do you really think you are a champion of the gay community?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Bondi, telling her that a large portion of the LGBT community in Orlando had told him she was “being a hypocrite.”

After being forced to type “radical Islam” several times in the past 36 hours, Cooper’s lefty colleagues were thrilled that he gave them a distraction. Here is a quick sampling of some of the headlines:


Anderson Cooper berates Florida AG Pam Bondi over Orlando

The Orlando Sentinel:

Anderson Cooper grills Pam Bondi on whether she’s a ‘hypocrite’ on gays

Mother Jones:

Anderson Cooper Holds Anti-Gay Florida Attorney General Accountable Over Hypocritical LGBT Support

And…the toilet-dwelling Gawker:

Anderson Cooper Reads Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi For Filth

I could add several more pages of this but I think you’re all getting the gist of it.

So you see kids, rather than focus on a religiously-motivated nutbag who just left a pile of bodies in Orlando, it’s important to look at what a monster Pam Bondi is because she doesn’t want gay people to get married.


Conflating the Christian opposition to gay marriage with radical Islam’s desire to slaughter gay people has been very popular with leftist journalists in the past couple of days. They’ve spent so much time lying about both Islam and Christianity that they are desperate to find some commonality between the two now that they’ve been forced to acknowledge something negative about the former. They vomit their illogic with the greatest of ease because in their minds the “EVIL CHRISTIANS” narrative simply must triumph. A four year-old can see that there is quite a difference between refusal to bake a wedding cake and murdering 49 people.

Sadly, I don’t think we are going to find any progressive media types with that kind of intellectual firepower.


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